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The children of humanity will rise...

Kevin Murphy reveals at SDCC what could have been for Caprica

I'm still very bitter about the cancellation (and I'm feeling the same sting with the fate of Warehouse 13), so just hearing their plans for what we could have seen just makes me sad and angry all over again. It was just never given the proper chance to develop and grow on its own and was royally screwed over by the network in general. And to think, even if the show only lasted two seasons, the second season sounded like it would have been a great segway into Blood & Chrome with their plans on the progression of the beginnings of the First Cylon War. But nope. *sigh*

On the bright side though, the soundtrack for Caprica is now available for purchase! After all this time waiting and wondering if it would ever be released, it's finally out in an exclusive two-disc pack. This beauty will be in my hands soon enough, no doubt.

Another sidenote: Bear McCreary will be composing for Agents of SHIELD. Give this musical genius all the shows already. ♥
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