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Pretty Little Liars: "The Guilty Girl's Handbook" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 4.08 "The Guilty Girl's Handbook"

Hanna plans on confessing to Wilden's murder in order to save her mom, and calls upon Mona to help her make a convincing enough lie to do so. Emily and her mom deal with the aftermath of their house having been crashed into. Aria is dealing with her little brother and what might be going on with him. Spencer finds out crucial information about what happened to Toby's mother, and that Wilden might have covered up the real truth.

Mona Vanderwaal: She Who Lives The Lie

Perhaps my favorite scenes of the whole episode was Mona teaching Hanna how to lie convincingly. Not only did Hanna have a plan of attack to be proactive in getting her mother out of prison, but she called the one person who could definitely help her in something this huge. It was like getting a peek inside how Mona's brain worked when coming up with stories and lies and having the perfect poker face in doing so. It's just as Hanna said, Mona had lived the biggest lie of them all in fooling and deceiving everyone around her. It seemed fitting to call up someone who had experience in that field.

I was surprised that Hanna would go to such extremes, but at the same time it wasn't a shocking revelation of her determination to do something since she would do anything to protect her mother, and the same goes vice versa. And it seems that Mona would also still do anything for Hanna, even if they aren't the best friends they used to be.

Part of me is wondering about Mona's motives, but at the same time I truly do believe that Mona did this out of Hanna and her mom's best interests. She does care for them still, even if things between them have shifted and changed for good. I also think this was her way of proving herself to not just Hanna, but to the rest of them that regardless of what happened in the past she is in this with them now. She took the fall for something that she could have easily avoided or exploited to her advantage, but she didn't. She is making a huge sacrifice for doing what she did when she didn't have to. Her smile at the end directed at Hanna was her way of saying, "I've got this, now you go take care of yourself and your mom."

Will she get out? Will Hanna find a way of saving Mona too? Who knows. But I have a feeling that this isn't over yet.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Loved the scene with Caleb and Ashley, because they both love Hanna and were worried for her sake. And Ashley's words to him were in fact very true, that Hanna would try to do something reckless and without thinking of the consequences. Also, I loved that Caleb stuck around and listened in to what Hanna and Mona were talking about and stopped her before she could follow through with actually confessing.

++ Aria worrying about not just her best friend, but her little brother.

++ I really like that Ezra has been interacting with other people this season. Previously, it had mostly him and Aria, but now that they're no longer together Ezra has been interacting with the rest of the girls and other characters, and usually in a mentor-like way. I prefer him this way than before, just saying.

++ Mona making the ultimate sacrifice. I didn't anticipate that, yet it makes perfect sense why she did it.

++ After the destruction of the crash and the possibility of her losing her job, it's understandable that Emily's mom would breakdown like that. She is, of course, happy that her daughter is attempting to move forward and make plans about her future, but everything else has turned to shit and that must be completely overwhelming to have all of that happen. Still, I feel bad for both of them and what they're going through. I know Emily wants to tell her mom (or anyone really) what is going on because shit is happening to their families left and right, but she can't for obvious reasons. All she can do now is comfort her mom and help however she can.

++ I actually think this is the first episode so far without any "A" messages?

Overall: Such a good episode. I was really expecting for Hanna to go through with it, because she was so determined and ready to make that sacrifice for her mother. Now that Mona made that move in her place, we have to wait and see what happens, if anything happens because of this move. Unless that's precisely what "A" wants, taking them out one by one. We shall see.
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