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Pretty Little Liars: "Into The Deep" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 4.09 "Into The Deep"

While the charges haven't been completely dropped, due to Mona's full confession, Ashley Marin is released post bail and is under house arrest until her trial date. Paige is having a surprise birthday party for Emily, which Spencer and Aria request to have Shanna invited because they need to talk to Jenna (which she needs Shanna since she's become blind again). Emily goes to meet a personal trainer on what she believes might be her chance to swim again, only to find out, thanks to her injury, the possibility of her getting a scholarship is very slim to none.

Cece Drake: Red Coat or Red-Herring?

It's been revealed that we will find out who Red Coat is in the upcoming Halloween episode, and it will leave us quite shocked, as stated by Janel Parrish herself.

But this leaves me questioning about all the talk about Cece Drake's involvement. So far this season they've been alluding to her being behind certain things, and in this episode it was revealed that Jenna was actually afraid of her (which before it was said that both she and Shanna were afraid of Melissa.) But how much of this is actually true enough to make her Red Coat? And with all this suspicion pointed at her, would this lessen the surprise of the reveal? I think there's more to it than that.

There is still so many unanswered questions about who Cece Drake is besides her having been Alison's older college friend, so there is a possibility of her actually doing all those things she's accused of at this point. Everything is so open-ended that anything could be linked to her, or the show could pull something dramatic to make her appear unhinged and have fooled everyone from the start. Like with Mona, them having underestimated how dangerous she actually was. But in my opinion, Cece may have been mixed up in some stuff, but I don't think she's intentionally hurting the girls. If she is behind some stuff, I believe that she might be acting under duress, possibly from the threat or under the thumb of the real person responsible for everything that's been going on.

Also, just because Shanna claims that Alison is dead doesn't necessarily make it true. There's a good chunk of characters who suspect that Alison may still be alive, mostly based on what they've seen or experienced in the past and things they're finding out. To be honest, and I've said this before, if she isn't alive or they aren't exploring the twin theory in the show I'm going to be severely disappointed, only because that would be absolutely amazing of a reveal because this would put everything into a whirlwind for the girls.

Regardless, I will be anxiously waiting to see how the show will be handling this. With Cece, with Jenna and Shanna, with everything the girls have been experiencing because of this new "A" and the identity of Red Coat.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ I liked how despite Mona's confession and Hanna's mom being released on bail, that the entire case hasn't been thrown out against her. It will continue to linger on until they get more concrete evidence supporting what Mona confessed to, and whether they can sway on her side instead of Ashley's.

++ Mona is an impressively convincing liar. Seeing her switch from a crying confession to poker face within seconds was amazing. A+ to Janel Parrish.

++ Believe it or not, I actually like Ezra separately when he isn't involved with Aria. This season has proved that he is an interesting character all on his own. Here he's fighting for shared custody with his son. This arc is rather fascinating to me because the topic of fathers having parental rights in these kinds of situations is very difficult and often debated on. His, of course, is a rather unusual, but not uncommon, case where he didn't realize he actually had a son until most recently and that is even more difficult and can put up more of a fight in court between himself and Maggie if there is a disagreement of any sort, especially if it's true that he isn't registered as the father on the birth certificate. But I have a feeling that something is gonna happen to prevent this from continuing on. I predict that Ezra will want a paternity test done so he can have his name on the birth certificate, but we'll find out that he is not the biological father, and so all ties between them will be severed and he'll want to go back to Aria...only to see that she's already moved on. Thus, more conflicts and obstacles. Idk if that's actually going to happen, it's just my prediction because the show has wanted there to be some kind of obstacle between them.

(This might actually be the first time I wrote a lot about Ezra, wow.)

++ I know that the show changed Jenna's character quite a book from the books, but it seems that they're following through with Jenna knowing more than what she's saying, and that knowledge nearly getting her killed. And even though Shanna is still quite shady and I'm not entirely sure what her deal is yet, but I don't doubt that she does care for Jenna.

++ Pastor Ted coming through with the bail money for Ashley. He really does care for her.

++ Red Coat appearing at the end, apparently they're trying to break into the DiLaurentis house by going underneath? Or is there something hidden there? Of course we know that whatever we see at the end of the episodes with "A", or now Red Coat, is that it's going to possibly appear or be significant later.

Things I didn't like:

++ While she had good intentions, it was rather thoughtless of Paige to try and get Emily's hopes up for something that would eventually turn out to not work anyway. Like, even though she didn't specify Emily's injury, she should have known that Emily would have brought it up during the meeting regardless because it is a huge factor that has been affecting whether or not she'll be able to swim again. I don't know. I mean, I understand why she didn't say anything, she had hoped for the off-chance that Emily would miraculously get better and be treated and that she could work her way through and they could be together instead of apart like the way things have been looking since her injury. But at the same time she definitely didn't think about the consequences. Of course this might be a good thing, because Emily is now truly thinking about a future without that swimming scholarship. I know people want her and Paige to be together, and I, too, had been on that bandwagon since it's clear they care about one another. But Emily has no other choice but to focus on other alternatives, and unless Paige can work around that, suck it up and stay for her, then they will have to be apart.

++ Although it is hell for them, I'm starting to miss the "A" messages. But maybe this is the calm before the storm...

Overall: Pretty good episode, especially the last several minutes. I honestly can't wait to see what they're going to do for the remaining episodes which will be leading to the Halloween ep, which will have the reveal of Red Coat and the new cast for the spin-off Ravenswood.
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