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I've been listening to Welcome To Night Vale for the past week and a half, and it is exactly as awesome as people have been saying it is. Perhaps even better.

When it first started circulating about I didn't know exactly what it was, since it just blew up abruptly with no explanation, never mind that the podcast had been going on for little over a year and it just now rising in fandom popularity. But I'm glad it has, because ever since I started I've grown slightly attached to this podcast of this strange fictional radio show (hosted by a strange yet endearing host) in a strange little fictional town with its strange residents and all the bizarre things that happen there. It's quite a unique way of storytelling, and not in my usual medium either, so that's a nice surprise as well. Aside from listening to the all the recurring randomness that happens in that town, my favorite segment is possibly the weather (which is music.) It's a nice blend of artists I never heard of before, and it comes in all different genres and languages too. Oh, and Cecil/Carlos is the most adorable thing to come out of this series. ♥

I'm almost caught up with it, I have about seven more episodes to go. If you haven't checked it out yourself, I highly recommend it.

You can listen to it here, here or here.

Also, someone has graciously uploaded full episode transcripts that you can either read or read while listening to the podcasts.
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