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Pretty Little Liars: "The Mirror Has Three Faces" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 4.10 "The Mirror Has Three Faces"

Mrs. DiLaurentis wants Emily to stay with her while she and her mother are temporarily without a home, which the others see as an opportunity to find out things that may help them uncover the truth about Alison and Cece. Aria goes to Philadelphia to look up the address of where Cece might have been staying. Spencer goes with Toby to see Doctor Palmer to see if he gives any new information regarding his mother. Some unfortunate news comes from the murder case, leaving Ashley Marin without a lawyer.

The Mystery Continues...

Just when I thought I had everything semi-figured out, the show throws yet another curve ball.

I'm still holding out on the twin reveal, but if the show isn't going in that direction then they're certainly playing with the possibility of Cece replacing that particular storyline. From the very notion that she and Alison basically started playing around with switching personalities to the possibly that Cece had a personal vendetta against Alison and her friends, giving her enough motive to actively seek out revenge. It all seems to make sense when it's all placed together like that, but honestly? I don't know if I buy that. Is there a possibility that it's been Cece this entire time, and that's why she came to Rosewood in the first place? Of course. Anything is possible. But at this moment in time we haven't even seen so much as a flashback of Cece, and have only been given what others have mentioned about her. Also, if there's anything this show has taught us is that nothing is what it appears to be and to expected the unexpected. We've been given all this signs to expect that Cece Drake is behind everything, but I betcha something is gonna pop out in the Halloween episode to give us another whirlwind of revelation to claim the contrary.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ More with Mrs. DiLaurentis, which I find everything about her fascinating. It is quite unsettling and creepy in a way that she asked Emily to live temporarily in not just her house, but in Alison's bedroom, which she had reorganized just as Ali had it before. But in a way, I could understand it despite the creepiness. It's her form of grieving, of not wanting to let that memory go. When she was talking with the girls it made it sound like she was holding onto that memory by having them there in her home, like nothing had changed. I feel like there's more that's going to be told here, perhaps something even more unsettling. But as it stood, I enjoyed seeing at least a little bonding time between her and Emily. I especially loved the conversation about Emily having a girlfriend, and how acceptable she was of it, basically saying that she wished Alison had returned the same feelings. Idk, I just thought that was sweet.

++ Plus that flashback showed yet more of the interesting, if rather strained, relationship she had with her daughter. And as a quick note, I miss the constant Alison flashbacks, and I feel like we need more esp if we're hinting at things involving Cece that we should have more of those two together.

++ Poor Hanna. :( I knew something was gonna go wrong with Mona's confession, or someone was going to mess it all up.

++ However, Mona was flawless in this episode, as she always is. She definitely knows more about certain people and will use that to their advantage if needed.

++ Spencer playing piano. ♥

++ I really like the contrast between Aria and Ezra and their current situations. One of them is in a rut and doesn't know what to do, while the other has moved on with their life and is in a good place. Aria purposefully declining to answer Ezra's call while out with Jake was a good decision, imo. Ezra may be hurting, but he shouldn't be calling her to make her a.) feel bad and ruin her evening or b.) try to get back together with her because one thing failed for him. Aria has moved on, and I would much prefer her to remain that way.

Things I didn't like:

++ Wren, that asshole. >:( I've never liked him, and this episode just proved his sketchiness.

++ I understand that Ezra is upset and angry, especially once realizing that Malcolm wasn't his (which I totally called, btw) and that Maggie had been leading him to believe that he was the father, so rationality doesn't really come into play. But just because Malcolm isn't his biological son doesn't necessarily mean that he cannot still be that father figure to him if needed. Yes, she didn't tell him the entire truth, but she also refused to believe the reality of the results herself at first and chose to believe the alternative that he really was the father. Yes, he feels betrayed it since it cost him not just all the emotional turmoil, but his relationship with Aria because he felt like he had this responsibility to uphold. The whole thing is rather a huge mess, and it's kind of unfair on both sides of what happened. But it makes me wish that Ezra had more friends in Rosewood to talk to about this because him calling up Aria is going to set off a whole lot of flags because, dude, she specifically told you to leave her alone. She has moved on. I am worried now that this will turn into a "Ezra now wants Aria back" storyline and that? Is really not needed. I will be pissed if suddenly, now after that obstacle that forced them apart is over, they magically get back together.

Overall: Shit is getting kind of complicated to follow, and I understand that's the nature of this show by default, but in my head I'm wanting one thing and the show just gives me more twists upon twists, something ambiguous that might lead to my theories but at the same time anything is possible. It sometimes leaves me with a well-induced headache of trying to figure things out. With Cece, and Red Coat, with Alison and what other connections there is, and who is messing with the girls and why, etc. I'm actually now really anticipating the Halloween episodes just to get some of those answers out of the way.

Related news: Pretty Little Liars won seven awards at the TCA the other night, pretty much owning everyone at that event, as they rightfully should. While I care not for such award shows to begin with, mostly because the ones that need the recognition often get snubbed, it is in my opinion that this show and this cast deserved all the wins and awards they received. I'm really happy for them. ♥
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