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Weekend Recap

Yesterday (Saturday, Sept. 24th) -- I had gotten myself all dolled up -- shiny elegant dress with jewelry pretties galore! -- to attend my sister's friend's wedding. Although we never did get to see the actual wedding ceremony (which lasted approximately 15-minutes or so) because, lo and behold, we'd gotten lost from the craptastic directions. The wedding was held outside our resident location, about 45-minutes away from home, out in the countryside. While everything was all pretty with the fields and farms with horses, llamas, cows and other animals, we had taken a wrong turn and didn't see anything as described on the map. Realizing we'd gotten turned around with all the crappy-ass signs that aren't even there to see, it was already 10-minutes passed the actual time the wedding was suppose to begin. The road we were traveling on was very narrow and almost abandoned, and we passed plenty of cornfields that made me wonder if this was going to end up a scene in Children of the Corn. Eventually, we had gotten on the right road by turning back around, seeing the sign where we were suppose to be on the entire time, and had finally reached our destination.

The reception party was quite fun considering we'd missed the actual ceremony part -- which, to be honest, is nearly almost the same thing everytime but with different couples. The food was scrumptious and the speeches given were hilarious. It was an adventure and fun. So, that was the eventfulness of that Saturday.

As for today....

(Sunday, Sept. 25) -- Lounging. Resting from exhaustion. Computing and more lounging around the house. For tomorrow I have class, assignments to turn in, so on and so forth. Also, I have to contact my father to see if he's willing to take me to an art museum sometime next weekend, both for an art assignment and also for father-daughter quality time; I had done that with the State Faire not too long ago, I shall do it again willingly unlike certain people.

Also, there's new GOF pictures from the 2006 calender, which you can buy now off of These images include:
+ Bubble Bath Harry! Trying to find the secret from the Golden Egg
+ Barty Crouch Jr. and the torturfiable whatcha-ma-thingie, which makes you wonder if that is comparable to River's torment by the Blue-Hands of the Alliance
+ The glamorous Fleur Delacour
This movie is going to be freaking awesome -- darker, with the content that the books intended it to be, as well as the beauty this film is going to setup for Order of the Phoenix.

Minus 6 days and counting 'till the Big Damn Movie!!
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