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Pretty Little Liars: "Bring Down The Hoe" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 4.11 "Bring Down The Hoe"

The girls try to see if they can prove that Cece is Red Coat. Hanna gets gifted some cash from a mysterious student from school who reveals that he saw what happened the night Detective Wilden was killed, and that he knows her mom is innocent and the money could help her. Spencer tells the rest of them what has been going on with Toby, and Toby goes deeper into finding out what happened to his mother despite Spencer's warnings. Aria is dealing with both moving on and with Ezra. And we're getting closer to the truth regarding Red Coat and Cece Drake....

Cece Drake: Red Coat or Black Hoodie?

Finally, after nearly the entire first half of the season of her being nonexistent on the screen, Cece has made her reappearance since last season. Now dressed in all black, with the signature "A" black hoodie and gloves. She is seen inside a supposedly new lair, with photos and newspaper clippings and other materials, and on a chair there was a red coat. Of course, just because there's a red coat present doesn't mean that she's actually the Red Coat.

In the scene she's on the phone trying to contact someone, seemingly very aggravated. She says that she doesn't want to return to Rosewood. This implies that she may be part of the new "A" Team, but isn't the one that our four girls are thinking she is. In my opinion, she entered into this situation similar to how Mona did. She had a history with Alison, it didn't go well, there is a need for revenge, and that is how she got recruited. Why or for how long, we don't know yet. But I'm positive that she is merely another pawn used due to her intense feelings about the girls, and Red Coat is taking advantage of that. At the end of the episode, she is eavesdropping on what Aria and Ezra are discussing in his apartment, so I'm guessing that despite her objection to return to Rosewood she eventually did because of an order she was given.

With the Halloween episode being where we learn the identity of Red Coat, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out between next week's mid-season finale and then.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ The fact that we actually got to see Cece after all this time, which is hilarious since I last commented on that in my previous review. We hardly ever got anything until this episode where we see her in the full "A" outfit, which confirms her involvement, but at the same time doesn't confirm her being Red Coat. As mentioned above, it can still be a massive red-herring until the Halloween episode.

++ Two of the best suspense moments: Spencer, Aria and Emily in the crawl space of the DiLaurentis home, and when Emily and Spencer are trying to follow Red Coat in the truck and Red Coat sneaks into the back and moves underneath the hay. O_o

++ All the girls looking cute in their country attire, esp Spencer in pigtails. ♥

++ I'm glad that Spencer told the rest of them what was going on with Toby. Obviously he's not pleased by it, but her relationship with her friends was suffering because of having to keep this secret and Toby was going further down a trail that "A" planted for him. In fact, I firmly believe that aside from toying with Toby, the plan was to probably to create a rift between them. I'm only hoping that Toby realizes that Spencer was right to be worried and that he does need a reality check with the entire investigation involving his mother's death and what "A" is up to with him.

++ Even though I'm hoping that it doesn't turn into some kind of love triangle or that Aria might even just get back with Ezra now, I did like that Ezra, after getting a little talking with from Jake, realized he shouldn't involve Aria into his own personal problems since they are no longer together and that she deserves her space and ability to move forward. And I liked that it was Aria's decision to have him reveal what was happening. Otherwise, it really would have been him imposing on her life with his problems and that would not have been cool.

Things I didn't like:

++ No Mona. I just want to know what is happening with her now that her confession had been completely tossed out the window and her evaluation kind of failed in that sense. Shouldn't she be out of Radley, or is she still in there for protection purposes? I'm hoping the finale will give us more with her.

Overall: We're getting close to the midway point, and there's just a lot that's gonna be happening. First with the murder case, then we have the girls needing to find out about Cece, then with Toby's mother and if "A" really does know the truth or has just been playing with his emotions to get him to crack. We'll just see where all this goes.
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