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I like Scifi, not Syfy.

++ Natalie Dormer has been cast as Cressida in Mockingjay! Delightful news and excellent casting, in my opinion. Get dem roles, girl. ♥

++ The soundtrack for Caprica finally arrived the other day, two-disc and autographed booklet and all, thereby completing pretty much everything of my BSG media collection. Which makes me sad that there won't be anymore, but proud because I am such a geek about this universe it's actually ridiculous. Anyway, the soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous, as usual with anything Bear McCreary does. Next on the list: get the Defiance soundtrack.

++ And because I want to torture myself, I've been looking at all of the Warehouse 13 interviews with all of the cast and creators talking about the final season (or rather final six episodes), and Eddie has been updating his Twitter with pictures and things on their final days shooting and it's kind of heartbreaking. They all thought they would have had at least a little more time, at least more than six episodes. But I think my favorite person in interviews has to be Joanne Kelly, because she both gushes and expresses her genuine love of the show and the characters and her appreciation and gratitude towards the fans. Especially in this interview from SDCC where she talks about Myka and her arc, and discusses things like about Myka's sexuality and her relationship with Helena. Something I wish the show had more time exploring, tbh. But my favorite is this particular interview where, aside from her discussing the love she has for the show and why it's amazing, she gives the most appropriate shade towards Syfy, and it's frakking hilarious and brilliant.

All the actors seem to be in that place of both being ready to let things go but still sad and disappointed that they have limited amount of time to wrap things up. It's an emotional time, but some of them are taking it in stride. Joanne seems to be very genuine and honest when it comes to talking about it, and is very hilarious and adorable when doing so. I'm really gonna miss these bunch of goofs.
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