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Women are awesome, too. In more ways than one.

This is a fantastic clip from the Women Who Kick Ass SDCC panel this year, where a group a amazing women discuss what it's like being a woman actor in a male-dominated industry and the everyday women role models and heroes people should be applauding, supporting and aspiring to be.

It's unfortunate that there hasn't been a full upload of the panel because I heard it was absolutely wonderful and inspiring, having all these fabulous ladies -- Maggie Q, Michelle Rodriguez, Tatiana Maslany, Katee Sackhoff and Danai Gurira -- basically being given the entire panel time to have discussion on women empowerment and their experiences in the industry and how things should be improved so there aren't just more roles for women, but more jobs for women in general from writing and producing and directing, instead of having men just getting to always have a say, especially when they don't know or understand how to write women as real people. There are amazing write-ups about the panel and what was talked about from these fabulous ladies, but no clips other than the one provided. Of course, there was some slight controversy, as witnessed by some who attended to panel about the men in the audience being....less than amused when the panel started talking about male privilege. Someone even wrote about their experience at SDCC along with the Women Who Kick Ass panel where this all went down. I don't know if this has attributed to there being little to no footage of the panel at all, but it's a worthy reminder about the sexism that occurs in everyday life, whether you're in the film industry or walking around a convention floor.

Regardless, we need more panels like that in the future please. I think it's refreshing to have such panels that don't focus on the "what were you wearing in this scene?" and all of that especially toward actresses, but to actually give insightful, intellectual things to discuss and give opinions on and challenge the expectations of what people typically think will happen at these things.
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