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Who wouldn't want to return to Middle-earth?

Only 97 days until Desolation of Smaug, and it makes me beyond excited that we're finally in the two-digit countdown, with just three months to go. Between now and then we're going to be getting more promotional things, like a second trailer, images, behind the scenes, production videos, interviews, etc, and I just can't wait.

So I decided to do a little Hobbit questionnaire, just for fun.

Who is your favorite dwarf?
Thorin Oakenshield. ♥ Like, I just have so many feelings about this character, you have no idea, I just love him so much. I basically thank the films for exploring and expanding on his character with such depth to really understand him better. It just adds so much and I've fallen in love with him, and the way Richard portrays him. Honestly, I can go on and on about how much I love Thorin, it's actually ridiculous.

Favorite character design?
I have to say the dwarves because they are all so uniquely designed to fit them all individually and to show off their personality. Like, Dwalin looking badass with his knuckle rings and having tattoos on his head; Ori with his knitted sweaters and mittens; Nori with his insane braiding system to make his head look like a freaking star, etc. They're all so fantastically done and it fits them all perfectly well. Plus, their clothing and overall look brings in that dwarvish culture a bit, which is very Viking-ish, and it's just really fascinating. Even during the scenes in Erebor we see how regal the dwarves were, with their armor and jewelry and how well they decorated themselves, the women dwarves in particular. So, yeah. Love the dwarves. Second favorite would have to be the Elven attire, particularly Elrond's riding armor and Galadriel's white flowing dress. But everyone in these movies has amazing designs to appropriately fit the characters, and it's all in the details when you watch it more than once to appreciate it all.

Which character do you relate with the most?
Thinking about it, probably Bilbo. I'm kind of comfortable in my home surroundings, I don't like people touching my stuff unless I'm comfortable with them to do so, I don't like unexpected visitors, and all of that kind of stuff. But I certainly do have a sense of adventure, and I feel like I would need that little push to get going, just like he did. It would be spontaneous, even if I second-guess myself later for it, lol.

Have you memorized any of the riddles?
I guess, since I've watched the movie several times.

Favorite song/poem?
I really love "Misty Mountains Cold", and not just the version in the movie, but the entirety of it from the book as well. Also the song that Bilbo sings to draw the spiders away is definitely something creepy, and it makes me wonder if that'll happen in the film or not.

Do you think Bilbo's last riddle to Gollum was fair?
Fair? No, because it was a question not a riddle, but the entire game itself wasn't fair because Gollum wasn't going to keep his end of the bargain anyway. Bilbo was doing what he did in order to survive.

Your opinion of Bilbo keeping the Arkenstone from Thorin?
Oh man, I have a lot of feelings on this.

Personally, I understand what he was trying to do, and I think Bilbo had the right intentions at heart. I also think that he could have handled it a bit better, had he known the extent of the consequences that would occur later between himself and Thorin. Although in hindsight, what else could he have done? Bargained with something else? Pieces of gold? The Mithril shirt? Not done anything at all? I think the Arkenstone was the only thing that could have convinced the Elves and Men of not starting a Mexican stand-off with the Dwarves. Also, I think Bilbo knew that the Arkenstone was something dangerous for Thorin to have as the gold sickness was overcoming him; similar to how one would keep drugs away from a junkie, which is the only metaphor one can describe the gold sickness. It's just a really difficult and upsetting thing in general, because of that damn stone it caused so much pain and destruction (both with relationships of characters and self-destruction of those who were affected by it) it's like, ugh, whyyyyy. ;__;

Favorite meal Bilbo gave the dwarves?
Well, considering most of them just took without asking, and practically ate everything there was in his pantry, lol.

Do you think you would have gone on the adventure?
With a little nudge, probably, especially with certain characters who are involved with the journey. Though I'll be honest, it's mostly a wish fulfillment to have a fantastical adventure of sorts. In actuality, I probably wouldn't last that long. All that walking, with running away from enemies and predators? Yeah, I'd be the worst person after that.

Do you have any unpopular opinions?
I'm pretty sure I do, but none that I can think of at the top of my head.

Which scene scares you the most?
SEBASTIAN. D: If there's anything to make me scared/sad about, it's the endangerment of small little animals. Thankfully he was saved, but dammit, that scene nearly gave me a heart attack when I first watched it in the theaters.

Which scene makes you laugh the most?
When Thorin (or rather Richard) accidentally bonks his head slightly at Bag End when he walks away after making his joke about Bilbo looking more like a grocer than a burglar. Someone pointed that out online earlier this year and when I went back to the theaters to look out for it, and not only is it seen but heard with a small little thud, I just lost it. lol

When did you first read the novel?
When I was a kid most likely, though I mostly remember the 1977 animation more than the actual book itself.

What has The Hobbit taught you?
Courage comes in all forms, and there will be moments when you doubt yourself but you'd be surprised at the amount of courage and bravery you possess. Also greed does nobody any favors, and sometimes you just have to learn to let go of the past and of old grudges, especially if it is destroying you from the inside out.

Your opinion when people say that it's a boring story?
That they're idiots.

But in all honesty, everyone has their personal tastes and sometimes this kind of a story might not be for them, and that's okay. Live and let live and all of that. But I'm more frustrated by people who watch the first movie and claim that it's boring, that nothing really happened, that it was too long, etc. It's like, did we watch the same movie? There was nonstop action and entertainment from beginning to end. I feel like for anyone who thought An Unexpected Journey was boring, then they must've thought The Lord of the Rings was a snoozefest. And if so, then they really aren't fit for Middle-earth anyway and should just stay away from it, tbh. Don't harsh everyone else's squee and excitement for this story/these films when you just weren't personally invested and immersed with it yourself. Just say it wasn't your kind of thing and move on.

Best casting in the movie?
Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield.

Not just with his brilliant performance as the character, but what he adds to the role as well. Just look at all the interviews with him and you'll see not only how much of a fan he is of Tolkien's work, but how invested he is with the character of Thorin and how utterly protective he is of him, and with the decisions he made to portray him the best of his ability to show what kind of person Thorin Oakenshield is, from his best qualities to his worst, to everywhere else in between. He is so passionate about this world and this character, and he just brings so much life and essence to the role, from his speech to the way he carries himself and the relationship he has with the rest of the company, his nephews and with Bilbo, I can honestly say that I simply cannot imagine anyone else playing him. Such a perfect casting choice, in my opinion.

It's also the same with Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins, as well. His mannerisms and choices he makes to portray the character as he does, I honestly can't imagine anyone else in the role but him at this point.

Which three characters would you go on an adventure with?
Oh shit, this is tough. I know I would love to have Gandalf in my corner simply because he has the best instincts and knowledge of things, and I trust his judgment. Bilbo because of his resourcefulness, and Thorin because, well, because he's Thorin. ;)

What do you think of Smaug's death?
I mean, it was what it was. Some are disappointed that it wasn't a long, drawn-out battle, but honestly it didn't need to be. When you find that Achilles heel you use it when you can. Besides, Smaug was just the obstacle. The biggest of battles that nobody anticipated was to come after.

Least favorite character design?
The Goblin King of Goblin Town. His purpose is supposed to be revolting and repulsive, surely, and they did a great job with it. But still, it's like, ew.

Which character would you like to be?
I don't even know, I probably wouldn't want to be anyone other than myself.

Favorite location?
I'm torn between saying Erebor, City of Dale, and Rivendell. But I can't wait for Mirkwood, Beorn's house, and Laketown in the next movie, and so far from what we've seen in the teaser trailer they look amazing.

How do you feel about all the new fans entering this fandom?
I think it's wonderful, the more the merrier.

How did you react when you watched the trailer?
For the Desolation of Smaug trailer I practically freaked the fuck out. I am so overly excited for this movie, you have no idea. I'm counting down to the days when it finally comes out, and even waiting anxiously for a second trailer and other media things to be released until it does.

How do you think the movies are going to be split up?
It's been said that the second movie will end on a cliffhanger, and not like the first one. The first movie had a bit of a completion of the first half of the journey, with a little teaser of what is to come. Some have speculated that the second movie will end with Smaug being unleashed from the mountain and flying towards Laketown, and the third movie will begin with a huge action sequence where Smaug is attacking the town and where Bard kills him. I figure it's either gonna be that or that Smaug will be killed in the second film, and the ending will be a mixture of bittersweet and ominous because of the celebration that the dragon has been destroyed and that Erebor has been reclaimed, but Bilbo has the Arkenstone, and perhaps even the ending shot might be the Orcs and Goblins conspiring together in preparation for the Battle of the Five Armies.

Best fighting sequence?
The dwarves escaping from Goblin Town. It was just really frakking epic.

If you had to face any one monster, which would you choose?
If I had to choose, it would probably be Gollum. He's just a pitiful creature, and I honestly think that he's not that big of a threat compared to the rest of the other monsters and creatures the company has had to face thus far.

Scene you're most excited to see on screen?
Mirkwood, the dwarves being captured by the woodland elves and Thorin facing off with Thranduil; the barrel escape, meeting Bard and them arriving to Laketown, getting to the mountain and opening up the hidden door, Bilbo and Smaug; having more scenes with Bilbo and Thorin's growing friendship and just seeing them together bonding and the like, seeing the beginnings of Thorin's downward spiral and slowly succumbing to the gold sickness (bonus points if it's acknowledged by either himself or those close to him, like Balin or Dwalin); the battle sequences, the Battle of the Five Armies despite knowing it's GONNA HURT SO BAD and just, ugh. EVERYTHING ABOUT THE NEXT TWO MOVIES OKAY I AM EXCITED FOR EVERYTHING I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE IT!

Describe how The Hobbit has impacted you.
Getting sucked back into Middle-earth once again, and getting latched onto another fandom that has totally and completed taken over my life in the best possible way.
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