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Starbuck for Ms. Marvel, pls.

Katee Sackhoff may be in talks with Marvel Studios for a future role, possibly as Ms. Marvel as many rumors have begun to circulate about. Keyword being in talks, meaning there is no guarantee on anything actually happening, and it all remains a mystery at this point anyway, but I seriously want this to become a reality. With her exposure in the new Riddick film, I definitely think she has the chops to be big screen material. Never mind that having such cred as being in Battlestar Galactica, it just seems kind of perfect, imo. Besides, we do need more women superhero movies, which apparently Marvel Studios is inclined to agree, and if our very own Starbuck could get such a role as Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel? Then that, to me, is very exciting indeed. Of course it all depends on how well the script is and how the character is being written along with her availability (as she's already been confirmed for another movie filming this fall), and I know I shouldn't get my hopes too high, but I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want this to happen for reals.

On a sidenote, her her photoshoot for Geek Magazine is made of all kinds of win.
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