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There is a house in New Orleans...

It's around that time of the year where shows are about to return for the fall television season, along with some news ones will be premiering as well. I have plenty of shows and fandoms that will be coming back, but there are quite a few new ones that I am seriously considering watching, or at least be testing the waters of.

++ American Horror Story: Coven. I'll admit that I didn't watch the second season as it didn't hold my interest as the first season did, which I loved. However I may watch Coven since the focus of the Salem witch trials and the witchcraft vs. voodoo seems rather fascinating. Season premieres October 9th on FX.

++ Sleepy Hollow. I had heard about this, and I wasn't quite sure what it was about until recently, and the trailer looks really good. Will definitely see if the show itself holds up to expectations. Series premiere September 16th on FOX.

++ Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. Spin-off of Once Upon A Time, and while I have ceased watching that show (for the time being, until it catches my interest again), I will say that this does intrigue me a bit. It's like a Return to Oz version of Wonderland, with some added romance. Assuming that they'll be keeping with a minimal of characters, perhaps this may actually go over better than its predecessor. It premieres October 10th on ABC.

++ Official teaser trailer for Ravenswood, the Pretty Little Liars spin-off. It's just a stylized trailer with no actual footage, but it looks interesting and we get a glimpse at the new characters that will be introduced, along with a familiar face that will be crossing over from Pretty Little Liars. We've already seen bits of Ravenswood on the show and the entire atmosphere holds something rather ominous and foreboding, so I can't wait to see how it all unfolds. The series premieres October 22nd on ABC Family, directly following the Halloween special.
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