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Sleepy Hollow

Guess what just got renewed for a second season already. :D

Sleepy Hollow has turned out to be such a pleasant surprise. I originally didn't know much about it until I saw many people getting psyched up for it before the premiere, and decided to check it out to see if it was worthwhile. Oh, it's certainly worth every while. There's the interaction between Ichabod and Abbie, which after only three episodes there's already that chemistry for a stronger bond with them. I can just imagine how it's gonna be further down the road. Think this like a paranormal version of Elementary, Ichabod is the Sherlock to Abbie's Joan in that sense with their relationship thus far, and it's utterly delightful. Plus there's Ichabod versus modern society, and that's simply entertaining and amusing, especially when he starts on with his commentary and ranting. I could watch him doing that all the time about random mundane everyday things that we often take for granted. Like, his reaction to donuts and taxes? To the energy drink? Priceless, tbh. And of course there's the creepy factor and the mythology of the show, so I'm curious to see where this story is headed and how the characters will evolve and be involved with everything that is happening.
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