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When witches don't fight, we burn.

American Horror Story: Coven 3.01 "Bitchcraft"

Aside from some trigger moments (which, for AHS it's expected), it was a very good premiere. Definitely got me interested and hooked than the second season did.

Perhaps it's because it's dealing with a sisterhood of witches. That it's going to be a season of mostly women finding ways of working together, fighting and surviving through their own demons and the dangers of being witches, which according to the show are a dying kind altogether. It's very The Craft-ish to me. All of which appeals to me. Naturally I'm going to see how it plays out, but so far it has caught my interest. It seems right up my alley.

Of course I like that they've recycled actors throughout their stories alongside their newcomers, adding a very nice cast ensemble. Before I wasn't sure on how the show would continue on in such a format, but it allows us to see the different ranges of these actors and their performances as they portray a wide variety of characters. So I like it very much. I loved Taissa Farmiga ever since the first season, and glad that she's back along with Evan Peters. It looks like that their characters are going to be hooking up once again. How that'll happen, I don't know. Whether she brings him back from the dead or he appears as a ghost, and she forms a relationship with him that way. It will be interesting to see how that works out.

The premiere was more of an introduction of what this season will entail. Girls in a witch academy, learning about their different abilities, learning how to harness them and control them and use them when danger comes, and there's definitely something with Kathy Bates character that I'm sure will create a huge amount of trouble, just basing it off of what we saw from the flashbacks.

I'm definitely going to wait and see how the rest of the season goes, but yeah, I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. As said, better draw for me than the second season. Let's just hope it keeps it up.
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