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Pretty Little Liars: "Grave New World" Halloween Special Review + Ravenswood Series Premiere

Pretty Little Liars 4.13 "Grave New World"

A direct continuation from where we left off in the mid-season finale, the girls are wearing era appropriate attire to the costume party that Ravenswood is having in the town graveyard, in hopes that they find Alison before "A" does. As they try to find answers they get trapped, separated, gone through a terrifying maze in order to locate their lost friend, only to be rejoined without having much luck. Until the very end, when it is revealed not only who the second Red Coat is, but implications that who was revealed in the last episode is indeed the person who has been tormenting the girls, and Alison, since day one.

Alison DiLaurentis

It shouldn't be this shocking to me that Alison is still alive, since the show has been alluding to the possibility throughout the entire series, especially in the recent seasons, and was something I was hoping the show would bring up sooner or later. And yet at the very end I was holding my breath, my expression mirroring the girls as they stared at their friend who they had all believed to have been dead. After all this time of wanting and wishing the show to give us something about Alison, whether she was alive or dead, we finally got our answer in this episode.

There's still the matter of whether they are going with the twin storyline, as they've alluded to that too in the show, it was even mentioned in this very episode.

But no matter whether this is actually Alison or her twin, the fact is that she's there. She's not a hallucination or a figment of their imaginations, but actually truly there in the flesh, they all saw her and talked to her. This changes everything in terms of the direction of the show. What will things be like now that they know their friend is still alive and on the run? Since they can't tell anyone, how will they be able to help her? Does she even want help? How will the rest of the gang (Mona, Jenna, Shanna, Melissa, etc.) in Rosewood fit into everything? Is there more secrets that Alison can tell them? She looks so terrified when we see her, like she knows things are gonna get even worse. It's definitely going to be interesting seeing how this all plays out, and how the danger is going to escalate now.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ The outfits. I know that the cast mentioned in an interview that they were a pain to wear, but it didn't make them any less aesthetically awesome. It really fit the mood and tone of the town and the episode perfectly. I think my favorite outfit has to be a tie between Spencer and Hanna.

++ I really liked how they did the opening credits, foreshadowing the reveal in the end. Clever.

++ So far, they aren't backing down from Ezra being the baddie, and this is giving me hope that it remains that way. I mean, based on the episode alone we have him basically stalking the girls without their knowledge, dressed head to toe in the masked soldier outfit, and the fact that Spencer slashed his right hand with the pliers and when he appears at the end with his right hand stuffed in his pocket. I swear to god they better not be fucking around with this because I want him to be "A"/Alison's stalker REALLY REALLY badly. I want this reveal to rip everything apart, and I want it to be glorious.

++ Hanna being so selfless in her decision of letting Caleb stay in Ravenswood to help Miranda. I know it was the gateway to the spin-off and an explanation on why Caleb is staying in that town, but I thought it was a beautiful moment, not just that they both were concerned for this girl, but also showing how strong and sweet their relationship is. ♥

++ "Did you guys miss me?" YES ALISON WE DID. *hugs*

Overall: The Halloween specials are always a blessing, in my opinion, since they all bring something new. Whether it's new discoveries or revelations, it's always something that gives more clues to the ongoing mystery of the story, and every season they seem to one-up each other by creating new scenarios of scares and suspense. This one is no different, only it has taken things to a brand new level in the reveal of Alison being alive. That ending was perhaps the greatest thing in the history of this show thus far, and it will have PLL fans talking until the show returns in January.

Ravenswood 1.01 "Pilot"

It's very much a ghost story about a curse of a town that has many dark secrets, and five teenagers are in the center of it all and are connected to each other.

Certainly has my intrigue perked.

Just as the Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars, the series premiere of Ravenswood is about setting up the story and the plot. Caleb had initially stayed because he wanted to help Miranda find the estranged uncle she recently found out is her only living family left, but his reasons for staying changed when he discovered something weird about that town -- from seeing his name and face on a tombstone in the graveyard from over a hundred years ago to the strange occurrences he and Miranda were witnessing -- and he wants answers. We get introduced to other characters as well, and the strange things that had happened to them and their families. By the end we realize just how connected all of them are with each other, and how this town has a twisted history that they are a part of.

I really like the tone of the show, and it's not unlike Pretty Little Liars, actually. The same sense of mystery and danger and suspense is there, with their predator being this malevolent omnipresence. The only difference is that theirs is in the form of a spiritual curse rather than an anonymous bully wearing a black hoodie who knows their deepest darkest secrets.

So far, I quite like it. Definitely will be seeing how it all unfolds, the mystery of the town and what other dark secrets it holds, and why these kids are in the middle of it and how they plan on stopping it.
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