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++ New (and final) trailer for Catching Fire.

++ Hilarious Bad Lip-Reading for Game of Thrones video that's been circulating around, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I literally laughed out loud at some of these.

++ You know, I'm constantly trying to understand why remakes are so popular. With such things like the Carrie remake to television networks recently wanting to reboot such classics like Charmed and Murder, She Wrote, it's been a bewildering phenomenon over the last several years in regards to media continually holding onto this notion that they can remake anything. It is true that some reboots have done really well and have been very successful, either being as brilliant as or even surpassing their predecessor in terms of writing and direction of the story, but those are incredibly rare gems to find. Otherwise, what likely ends up happening are attempted carbon copies from people just wanting to make money off of what was once popular back in its heyday. They simply don't understand or have the passion of what made the original work in the first place, and that's where they fail (or if they do, it's immediately squashed by pressures and control from TPTB).

It makes me wonder if it's ever going to stop, or at least lessen in numbers because it seems like reboots are happening more and more these days that nobody really cares about them anymore.
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