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Ravenswood: "Death and the Maiden" Episode Review

Ravenswood 1.02 "Death and the Maiden"

I honestly didn't see it coming, and it's still kind of surprising that they did it. But thinking about it, going with the theme of this show, it's quite fitting.

We already knew from the pilot that the show is basically a gothic ghost story, so having Miranda die in the car accident and come back as a ghost (who only Caleb can see, for now) is setting everything in motion. We have a mystery, the ongoing cycle of five people dying in unknown events, the tragedy of these families who are all intertwined with each other. Caleb, an outsider, is now mixed in this as well, not just because of Miranda, but because of the strange occurrences that he's been experiencing and he needs answers. Now, there's more questions that need answers on how everything ties together and the dark mystery and history of this town.

It makes me wonder certain things. Like, is Miranda going to be appearing to only Caleb, or can she appear to the other characters? Is she going to be forever bound to that house, or will she be able to go elsewhere, unless whatever entity is wanting to hurt these kids wants to keep her at bay? I'm pretty sure Mrs. Grumwald will be able to sense her, but what about her uncle? Will we find out more about him and the secrets that he holds? How long will Caleb stay there for? He will have to continually contact Hanna (and eventually return to Rosewood, as seen in the winter premiere preview), but I'm wondering how he will explain all this to her. Of course, at this point he doesn't understand anything that's happening himself, so it's a matter of trying to piece together this very complicated puzzle.

I'm intrigued by what is happening. I am curious as to how further Caleb is going to be in this, and what will be unveiled when he does.
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