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If this is to end in fire, then we all burn together.

A couple of days ago was the special worldwide fan event for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, which is available to watch, starting at around twelve minutes.

The event was hosted by Anderson Cooper, and it featured Peter Jackson and the cast from various locations where fans all gathered at to ask questions regarding the upcoming film, along with getting an exclusive 20 minute look at the film itself after the event was done recording (someone who attended gave their non-spoilery recap of it, basically a reassurance of how awesome it will be for the rest of us come December.) Plus, the rest of us were treated with not only a new production video, but also a brand new trailer with new footage. And, personally speaking, out of all the trailers I think this is probably the best one, without a doubt.

There's so much about this trailer that I absolutely love.

** Thorin, and the fact that we're going to be witnessing the downward spiral of his character as he slowly succumbs to the gold sickness. I loved that there was a strong focus on the Arkenstone, as well, foreshadowing a great deal of its importance. Richard mentioned that Thorin's leadership capabilities will be tested in the second film, and he will be having a meltdown at some point (which, I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that the meltdown will probably be when he is ranting about the life of a burglar which causes Balin to set his straight; either that or somewhere in Mirkwood or his confrontation with Thranduil.) Just seeing him in this trailer, all broken down and ragged and seeing that hint of that madness and paranoia coming out, it breaks my heart. Oh Thorin, my beautiful grumpy brooding bb dwarf king. :(

** However: "If this is to end in fire, then we will all burn together." ~CHILLS. Never mind that Richard says that this is one of his favorite lines in the second film, so it makes me really excited.

** Balin calling Thorin out on his shit will possibly be the greatest thing.


** Laketown looks gorgeous. *__*

** We get more of a sense of who Bard is and what his involvement will entail. For those familiar with the story already know why he's an intricate part of the whole thing, but with these films there's definitely going to be more added to his character, of course. In the trailer he's reciting one of the songs that was featured in the book, though it appears to be more ominous and kind of prophetic in a way, which explains his urgency of not wanting Thorin to go to the mountain. He fears the awakening of the dragon, that it would endanger the lives of his children and all the people of Laketown and that history would repeat itself. And I can't wait to see it all play out, especially with him and Thorin clashing on this very subject.

** Although there hasn't been much shown in the trailers, I'm really anticipating the growing of Thorin and Bilbo's friendship. So far we've seen them standing side-by-side in many shots in the trailers, and with all the promotional stuff coming out as well. Their growing friendship is something I'm looking forward to because, not only will it be adorable, but it will be heartbreaking because of how it will end. It seems that the second film will be ending on a foreboding note, with the madness consuming Thorin and the search for the Arkenstone (which Bilbo will already secretly have retrieved); that particular scene that many fans have been worried and anxious about, with Thorin stopping Bilbo with his sword, I feel will definitely be foreboding in its nature because of that. Also, due to the fabulous AUJ extended scene, Bilbo already knows and is aware of the sickness that threatens to take hold Thorin just as it did his grandfather. So I get the feeling it will most likely be a tense moment, foreboding of what is to come between them later on, especially since they would have spent the entire second film solidifying a friendship and bond with each other. That is my prediction, and it makes me incredibly anxious yet excited to see how these amazing actors will portray that.

I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THESE MOVIES OKAY. My love for this trilogy just continues to grow. I think the second film will possibly be my favorite because of all the amazing stuff that will be packed into it. The third one will break me with angst and tears December, you are so very close, yet still just a little ways away...

All the fangirl enthusiasm for this movie, I have it. I have just fallen head-over-heels with this trilogy, this story, and this fandom, and it's not stopping anytime soon. ♥
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