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Ravenswood: "Believe" Episode Review

Ravenswood 1.03 "Believe"

Just as the title says, practically the rest of the kids end up believing in the patterns that curse that town and whatever else is happening to and around them, including seeing the ghosts of those who are supposedly dead. I really liked that they've moved along quickly with that, especially now that they can all see Miranda.

Speaking of which, I have this theory that Miranda is responsible for saving them from the crash. That somehow, despite the pattern her dying created a rift that protected them. Either that or something/someone is looking out for these kids, and Miranda is going to be the conduit of communicating with the other side to them just as she did in this episode, or that it is just a freak coincidence and a hiccup of the universe as Remy says. But I prefer the notion that Miranda incidentally is the reason why the rest of them are still alive. How or why I'm not quite sure, but it's interesting since remember in the last episode when the mirror shattered it flew directly towards Caleb and yet he was spared from the blast; the shards were scattered around him, like there was a protection bubble. Plus after she saved them in this episode it somehow allowed them all to see her, and not just Caleb. Like I said, it's just a theory so far until we get more answers.

What we learned is this episode is that the five death pattern that has cursed Ravenswood is part of some kind of pact. The rest of the season will have them investigating and figuring out what this pact is, and how to break this curse without anymore deaths.

I also find it interesting how there's four adults who seems to be holding a secret, with one of them having died. It's not coincidental, since there is something they all know that is in regards to what may be happening. Or, at least some of them do. Remy's dad seems to be more secretive than her mom, perhaps knowing the circumstances of how she had survived a fatal explosive when the rest of her team didn't (hence only him overlooking the footage; he doesn't want his wife to overthink the situation causing her more worry and distress than it's already made her.) Luke and Olivia's mother may have some more details she's not letting on about what possibly led to their father's death, though judging from the episode he got too close to discovering the truth, or had discovered it, and it's what killed him. And then, of course, there's Miranda's uncle, who definitely knows a great deal more than what he's letting on. There are secrets in that house, and whatever is haunting it that Miranda keeps getting pulled back in there for, and many secrets involving her mother as well, so it's fair to say that there is something in connection with all these adults. Also, perhaps we'll learn more about how Caleb's history is involved, as well.

Which brings me to Caleb, and how his relationship with Hanna will no doubt be suffering because of this. I read in an interview that there will be heartbreaking moments for the couples in Pretty Little Liars in S4B, this unfortunately includes them. Caleb is right in the middle of whatever is happening in this town, he can't just return to Rosewood like nothing has ever happened. He is forever changed by this experience. He doesn't want to involve Hanna in this, fearing for her safety (considering it's already been in too much jeopardy with all the "A" stuff occurring.) I'm curious as how the both shows will handle this.

Overall, I'm intrigued with everything this show has to offer so far. It has all the elements that I love, and it definitely has freaked me out more than several times. I can't wait for what else they have in store for this story.
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