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It's mid-November already?

++ You can now listen to previews of the Desolation of Smaug soundtrack. I'm waiting until I see the movie, which is just a personal preference of mine especially when it comes to films I am anticipating to see in the theaters, but just looking at the track listing makes me super happy.

++ New Richard Armitage photoshoot, plus the interview of where they came from. Like fine wine, this man. He is basically a triple threat: an adorable dork, ridiculously handsome, and eloquently intelligent. Also, he should wear plaid/flannel more often because, dayum. ♥

++ I came across this article thought it was a great read: The Mako Mori Test: An Alternative to the Bechdel Test. I like that this article challenges the misuse and flaws of the Bechdel test and it gives an alternative way of looking at films and other things in media by using the perfect example of the recent success of Pacific Rim with the character of Mako Mori. I love women interacting and having friendships with other women, but I also love stories about a singular woman who has and takes control of her own narrative, and is most importantly treated like a human being within the story and in the writing (which is essential for anything and everything always, tbh.) Both these things are awesome, and it saddens me when the latter gets dismissed when it doesn't feature the former.
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