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Ravenswood: "The Devil Has A Face" Episode Review

Ravenswood 1.04 "The Devil Has A Face"

I liked the episode, though it felt disjointed in certain parts.

There seems to be a theme of frustration with some of the characters. Caleb is understandably frustrated and confused because he doesn't understand what is happening, and he wants to uncover the truth, but things keep getting complicated the more he tries to do so. He keeps wanting to contact Hannah, but he's torn on how to begin explaining what has been happening. He found a relative of his who may have answers as to what dark secret the town is holding, especially since his brother had the same name (and same face) as Caleb, but the secrets and mystery just keeps getting deeper and deeper the more he investigates. He's stuck, and he wants to get himself unstuck and not remain so lost.

Luke seems to be going a separate route with dealing with his confusion, by which he's not dealing with it. Instead he tries to distance himself as much as possible from whatever is happening, which includes finding a certain distraction. While I understand his feelings are valid, considering he is still readjusting himself from the backlash of his father's murder, but it doesn't excuse the way he attempted to break it off with Remy. I was annoyed by that. Also, I'm predicting that it doesn't last long because, from previous episodes, he seemed to be very protective of Remy and if anything would happen to her from this mysterious thing they're all connected to he would lose it. He can remain distant for that long. I think he's trying to rationalize these decisions, but reality will bite him right back and he's going to see this is not the way to go. He has to deal with what's happening, whether he wants to or not, because it's not going to go away.

Then there's Miranda, which I'm also confused by her situation, at least what was shown of it in the episode (which I'm sure will be resolved in the next episode.)

Miranda somehow managed to go beyond the cemetery gates after her outburst she had inside her uncle's house, which she was finally able to wander about the town. When she does, she miraculously finds her mother. She goes to her, the episode ends with her walking with her mom through a door with a bright light behind it. This is indicating that she has "moved on" now that she has somehow gotten herself unstuck from being a lost spirit, but for some reason I don't think this is all there is. It happened too quickly and without much explanation. Miranda even looked back, realizing that there is still unresolved, but her mother urged her to follow her through the door. It's not that I don't want her to move on from behind trapped and alone constantly and continually bothered by malevolent spirits, but I still think she has a vital purpose. She and the rest of them are all connected to something bigger happening and I have a feeling that she will come back. Either she will realize she's not ready to move on, not until she helps the rest of them solve this mystery and break the supposed curse of that town so what happened to her doesn't happen again, or she gets pulled back, or that perhaps she returns as not a lonely ghost but as a guardian angel of sorts for the rest of them.

I think I'm really interested in Remy and what's been going on with her. She seems to be suffering from something much deeper than the rest of them are, from her sleepwalking to her hallucinations. It could be because her mother was the only survivor of a fatal incident which fits the pattern, so I'm hoping we get more into that.

Also I like the Olivia is being proactive with wanting to uncover the truth. Her interaction with Miranda in this episode was cute, and it makes me wish there will be more to come (if and when Miranda returns).

So yeah, this episode featured some things that I hope will get resolved in the next episode and moving forward with all of them banding together.
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