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Lost Girl: "Sleeping Beauty School" Episode Review

Lost Girl 4.02 "Sleeping Beauty School"

Highlight of the episode was definitely bb!Tamsin. The little girl was too adorable, and the interaction scenes with her and Kenzi were the best.

I really like the transformation process of Valkyries, of having life cycles and when one ends they regress back to being a child and they start all over again. Of course, the fact that Tamsin went from being a little girl to becoming an adolescent literally overnight makes me wonder further into their maturing process, if their biology is different from other Fae. Regardless, she has to retain the memories from before the crash and if what Trick said is true, she might not remember everything or may not choose to remember because of how scared she had been. But I figure if she loves and cares for Bo as she does (and I believe that she does) she will remember because she wants to save her.

But I'm also worried that, when she does recover her memories, she may sacrifice herself to save Bo herself in some form or another. D: I'm not sure if that's what's gonna happen or not, I'm hoping it doesn't because I want Tamsin around forever a little while longer.

The other highlight of the episode was definitely KENZI/HALE BECOMING CANON. Finally, after all the song and dance they're moving forward with getting these two crazy kids together. ♥

As for the other things, I understand why Vex made that deal. He was being tortured, so he did what he always does which is choose self-preservation. But it will no doubt create major trouble. I'm worried for Kenzi because of her need to get illegal magical stash in order to disguise herself as Fae will also create trouble, and possibly getting her in greater danger. I'm not entirely sure with what's going on with Lauren; she is undercover, surely, staying away from all things Fae until things get sorted out, but obviously her new "friend" at the waitressing gig either may be good or bad depending on how it plays out. I'm just hoping that we get more backstory on Lauren since it was revealed last season that Lauren isn't her birth-given name and she, too, has a history. So idk.

And Bo is on a different plane of existence. We still haven't met this "Wanderer" figure who happens to be her father, though I suspect that will happen very soon.
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