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Ravenswood: "Scared To Death" Episode Review

Ravenswood 1.06 "Scared to Death"

We got a bit more about the curse, or rather why Caleb and Miranda seem very significant to the grand scheme of everything that has been going on.

I'd like to compare it to The Vampire Diaries as where, being doppelgangers of their ancestors, they have a vital purpose that is needed to break the curse that is happening. However, they are not the originals. Unless they are literally going down that road of they are the original Caleb and Miranda reborn, they aren't them; they have their own minds, their own thoughts, their own lives and experiences. They were brought to Ravenswood for a particular purpose in helping to solve whatever is keeping this town haunted by its past and breaking that cycle.

I'm also saying this because Caleb loves Hanna. We know he does, there is no denying that fact. Just because the original Miranda and Caleb were lovers doesn't mean they have to follow in their footsteps. I'm guessing this is what the producers mean about there being some heartbreak for them both. :(

But aside from that, I'm liking this bit of the mystery and lore of the show so far. I'm hoping that we learn more about it.

Miranda was apparently tricked into thinking she had gone with her parents, and was unknowingly used as a device to lure the rest of them into that house so they could all be killed. It really sucks because she seemed like she was at peace, but thinking about it, it would have seemed too easy. But I can't blame her for believing in it so hard; she wanted it to be real, to have found her parents in the afterlife, to be whole again after having been lost for so long. I'm hoping that she does eventually find her real parents when all of this is done.

Now we have a malevolent spirit who lured them into that house, a little girl who seems quite demonic in nature, and who wore one of the red coats seen in the Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars. Along with that, we get a revelation at the end of this episode that Olivia's boyfriend is actually a conspirator in this whole curse and has been communicating with this particular spirit (and possibly others as well.) It makes you wonder what the fuck is going on. Is he somehow in cahoots with the malevolent spirits trying to keep up the sacrificing to appease the curse? Or is it something else entirely? Also, what is going on with Miranda's uncle and Mrs. Grumwald? Are they attempting to help them or to keep the curse alive as well? So many questions to this mystery, and these poor kids are in the middle of it.

I'm so happy that Luke got his shit together and realized his mistake. Also kudos to Remy for dismissing him all throughout the episode until the end. She was angry at him and rightfully so.

Oh, and that cute little scene with Caleb on the phone with Hanna (who we actually got to see! Yay!) was just too sweet and adorable, and it further proves how much it breaks my heart that he can't tell her everything and that when the time comes that their heartbreaking scenes in the future will ruin me.

Overall, good episode. I'm liking this mystery, and the suspense just keeps getting more intense and I like it.
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