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I appreciate the under-appreciated.

++ Got my tickets for the Desolation of Smaug midnight showing! To say that I'm excited would be a vast understatement at this point.

++ Related, this recent interview with Richard Armitage is a great read because he addresses the differences between the Hobbit book and the films and why it's okay that they're deviating a bit to expand the story, in which case I completely agree with all that he mentions about that. He also comments on the negativity from fandom surrounding the new character, Tauriel. Luckily most of the fandom from what I've seen in my areas has been incredibly positive and supportive, for which I am grateful. Still, it's sad that even before we've seen anything people have been quite hateful towards her character. I get having concerns regarding the subplot, but the hate is just uncalled for. Hopefully they'll change their tune once the movie comes out and realize just how wrong they'd been, but if not, well, their loss.

++ I'm kind of narrowing down my shows to those I don't watch anymore to those that I'm waiting until their seasons are done so I can marathon them straight through. Despite its anniversary, I've given up on Doctor Who. Once Upon A Time is another show I'm no longer watching, but it's amusing hearing about what crazy shenanigans are happening each week. Like, how everyone is basically related to everyone at this point. It's super ridiculous. Revenge, Haven, Elementary, Sleepy Hollow and Nikita are shows I'm still watching but am wayyyy behind on, and will probably catch up as soon as their current seasons are done.

++ If anyone still wants a Christmas card from me, please go to this post.
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