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Lost Girl: "Lovers. Apart." Episode Review

Lost Girl 4.03 "Lovers. Apart."

Judging from the fact that Bo had jumped out from the train, and because traveling from one plane of existence to another is dangerous, I'm guessing that it'll take a little longer before we find out who had taken Bo. I mean, we know kinda, but characters refuse to say his name as though it was something of a curse. And now that both Bo and Dyson don't remember the train we'll have a little bit more to figure out what exactly happened.

I'm guessing we're getting more of Lauren's backstory after all. I'm glad for that.

I'm also taking a wild guess that her waitress friend either was sent to watch Lauren and get information before whoever came to take her or she caved under the pressure when they came looking for her. Either way it doesn't look good.

And it looks like Evony (aka the Morrigan) is back, in all her cartoon villainy glory.

What bothers me about her, in general, is that we don't really get a sense of who she really is. Leader of the Dark Fae, yes, but what else? Who is she as a person? How did she get elected to become the leader of the Dark? She doesn't seem at least a bit concerned when it comes to the danger that threatens their entire species, and she seems more than willingly to kill anything and anyone without an inch of remorse. Surely that's a Dark thing, but she seems more someone that the Dark fear because she can dispose of them whenever she likes rather than an effective leader. She also has this petty fury towards Bo, which I'm guessing is hurt pride because Bo didn't choose to join the Dark? It just seems kind of ridiculous at this point to continue on with this cycle unless there's something interesting to get into about her character. Like, I get she's antagonistic, and cartoon villains can be fun and entertaining, but I feel like we should get more with her and her motives aside from "just because."

Other than that, this was a good episode. Next episode is noted to be focusing on Bo and Kenzi (and hopefully Tamsin as well), so I can't wait!
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