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Lost Girl: "Turn To Stone" Episode Review

Lost Girl 4.04 "Turn To Stone"

The Bo/Kenzi friendship episode that the producers were talking about, and I loved every moment of it. From them dancing and singing to Spice Girls to the letting go of burdens and emotional moments.

Their friendship is the core of the show for me, it's the life and the light that keeps everything together and I liked that Kenzi addresses how alone she felt when Bo wasn't there. How, despite the support of Dyson and Hale around her, she felt like she didn't belong because she isn't Fae. She's also a "claimed" human, so if the Fae who claimed her isn't there, what would happen to her? This was mentioned last season a bit, but now it's been intensified by the changes of the Fae society of hunting down claimed humans. Bo was taken from her, and Kenzi was lost. She had to become resourceful, even more than usual, but at a certain price, and it became too much for her to handle especially on her own.

And for Bo, it was less about what happened and more about the fact that her best friend felt the need to keep all of that to herself (and also perhaps even a little angry at herself because she felt like she let her best friend down for not being there for her, even if it was a situation she had no control over.) But in the end, she understood. They've both been alone and lost for so long that sometimes keeping things inside seems natural, even though they have each other to confide in. And sometimes they'll fight and do stupid things, but all in the same they'll come back together because, at the end of the day, they are family.

It just gave me a lot of feels about their dynamic and it made me so happy that they addressed certain things, and they remained close and everything is gonna be okay between them. :) ♥

Another thing I loved about this episode was the addition to their little family: Tamsin.

I am really loving everything that they're doing with Tamsin so far. She's been reborn, having to go through the motions of growing up (rapidly), to the point where she's basically a child inside an adult's body. And that Kenzi and Bo are basically raising her, in a sense. Technically it's to get information about who she was hired by in her previous life, which she has to regain her memories to, but I think that they like having little Tam-Tam around especially in helping her adjust to her new life. I think, if it goes well, she can have an upbringing that she probably never had before. Tamsin probably was raised by other Dark Fae, brought up by their Dark Rules. Now she has a chance to start anew, not influenced by anything Dark but rather to become her own person, in a sense. Which brings me to something else introduced to this episode.

According to the ancient order of Fae Elders, apparently Bo's blood has revealed that Bo is Dark Fae. What makes this interesting is that Bo never willingly chose a side, and yet somehow her blood made that decision for her without her knowledge. So this is to assume that something happened to her, either during her Dawning or when she was taken by the Wanderer.

I think this is a fascinating thing to explore because it challenges the concept of free will when it comes to deciding a side amongst the Fae, and what it means for the infamous "unaligned succubus" to now have unknowingly chosen a side. This will no doubt make Bo confused, and possibly panicked, about what this could mean for her. Being unaligned was her choice because she didn't want to follow the archaic rules and to be controlled by others based on what side she should be on. Now, something has happened that her own blood has turned against her; whether it was forced upon her or done biologically, this will undoubtedly change things for her. But I think the important thing to remember is that Bo believes wholeheartedly that it doesn't matter whether you're Dark or Light, you can choose to become whoever you want to be. She said this to Tamsin, and I think it's worth noting that there's going to be similarities with them now. Tamsin, every time she is reborn, is noted to always remember that she is Dark Fae. She never chose it in her new life, it's just what she remembers from her previous life, therefore she must always be Dark Fae. But being Dark or Light is just a title; it's what one does with it that really makes you who you are. With this, Tamsin and Bo have a lot more in common than they ever realized. And I really want them to explore further in that department of their relationship.

(Also, I really really want Bo/Tamsin to happen for realsies on this show at some point; obviously not right now as Tamsin is still maturing from being reborn into her new life, but I think they both have a lot more in common and a lot of chemistry with each other that I just want them to BE TOGETHER okay. Esp since this is apparently Tamsin's LAST LIFE CYCLE and she HAS MOTHERFUCKING WINGS and I just want her to be happy and she seems to be happy with Bo and feeling love towards her like she always kind of did and just ugh. Plsplspls make it happen.)

And now with Lauren, we got a least a little bit more about her mysterious backstory.

She had a brother and together they believed they were to achieve greatness, and I think they were activists of some kind, unfortunately this led to an incident that basically considered them terrorists when they accidentally killed people at a place they were bombing. Her former self ran and has been running ever since. She believe that this kidnapping, her and Crystal, was in relation to that, and that her past had finally caught up to her. But it wasn't. Their kidnapping was Fae related. And just when she thought she had it all figured out, she was proven wrong again. But what that will be we'll have to find out. It makes me wonder if whoever took her is either a.) in relation to the Dark Fae / the Fae Elders in some form or b.) connected with the Wanderer, or c.) something entirely new and different altogether that may actually be connected to her past in some way.

So far, I am intrigued with what is happening. I can't wait to see how everything unfolds this season.
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