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++ LAST CALL for Christmas cards, if you'd like one from me please comment in that post.

++ It has finally begun. The preparation for the Desolation of Smaug which comes out next week! Monday was the world premiere, and since then there's been a slew of interviews, press junkets, and just other promotional goodies. This also includes some official clips (which I haven't watched simply because I'm waiting for the film itself, though I have seen pics/gifs of the one with Thorin and Bard in Laketown and my face broke out in a huge smile because aslkfd;asdf), plus a new production video, and a B-roll behind-the-scene video (which does contain some spoilers, but it's really fascinating to watch simply for the process of how they film scenes.) I'm just, so overwhelmed I feel like I might spontaneously combust from excitement. ♥

I've just hit that fangirl mode and it ain't stopping, and come next Thursday night I will be unstoppable with my squee. Sorry not sorry. ;)
Tags: christmas cards, the hobbit
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