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Lost Girl: "Let The Dark Times Roll" Episode Review

Lost Girl 4.05 "Let The Dark Times Roll"

This episode KILLED me, and in the best way possible.

Lighthearted in the comedy, it didn't take itself seriously, not even after Bo was trying to figure out how to reverse the fact that she has been claimed as Dark, and the dialogue was quick-witted and brilliant.

My favorite part, though, was Kenzi basically becoming a worried mother hen over her Dark Fae bbs. I love her new relationship with Tamsin, both befriending and mothering her at the same time, and of course her friendship with Bruce. The fact that she got to have Tamsin "master" Bruce away from his former abusive master was perfect (and in the most hilarious way ever, Tamsin + attempted hip-hop/twerk dancing + Valkyrie powers = major win), so now she's practically unofficially adopted both of them and they are underneath her care. I think it's super adorable. And I hope it continues to be a thing.

Aside from finding out how and why Bo was committed to the Dark without her knowledge, I am intrigued with the Dark vs Light in terms of politics and what it means for an individual and their identity. The Light aren't always the good guys and the Dark aren't always the bad guys, and both sides aren't morally sound when it comes to decision making and they can generally be assholes because of archaic laws of their kind. But that doesn't, and shouldn't, be extended to the individual caught in the middle of it all. What I find interesting, though, is how there's a bit of question about the Dark itself and their current motives. Lauren, for example, says that she feels much safer around the Dark than she ever did with the Light because she isn't treated like a prisoner. But that is mostly because of the Una Mens coming down on all Fae. Who knows what will happen once the crackdown and restoring order is done. There's always something else behind the curtain that we're not seeing, and if we know anything about the Morrigan is how unreliable and untruthful she can be. We'll see how it plays out, but I don't think it will end well.

What I kinda want is, now that Trick is the acting Ash of the Light, what would happen if somehow Bo got to temporarily become the Morrigan of the Dark? Imagine the possibilities of rebuilding and joining both sides in a similar cause. That would be kind of awesome, and interesting to see the leadership skills of Bo, and the challenges that came along with it. Of course, I would see this as something of an opportunity of the Wanderer (or whoever) to control Bo to gain this kind of power over all Fae, which would also be fantastic to see as well.

However this goes, Bo turning Dark is no doubt something that was done for a reason, power and control most likely, as the Una Mens gave an inkling that something bad might go down because of how Bo was aligned. Can't wait to find out more on that.

Also, we got some Vex backstory. Sweet. Wonder what will happen to him now, and if he's been taken refuge with Bo and Co. now that he doesn't want to go back to the Morrigan and tortured (further than he's already been by the Una Mens).
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