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You down with OTP?

Fandom meme taken from goldenusagi.

1. If you write, fandoms you have written/are writing/plan to write.
I do write, but mostly in private. I generally just have ideas for stories written out, like mapped and outlined and brainstormed in various of places, from my current fandom obsessions to even original stories. But none of them will ever see the light of day.

2. Fandoms/Pairings you are ADDICTED to at the moment:
Thorin/Bilbo from The Hobbit (movieverse). That pairing (and fandom) has kind of consumed my entire year, I literally cannot get enough of it these days. As a pairing, I love how tragic they are, and I really like how fandom has an array of fix-its (because anyone who has read the book knows how it all turns out), so I'm kind of addicted to the schmoopy/porny/heartfelt parts of them.

3. Fandoms/Pairings you like, but aren't necessarily obsessed with:
Spencer/Toby and Hanna/Caleb from Pretty Little Liars, Bo/Tamsin and Kenzi/Hale from Lost Girl, Nikita/Michael from Nikita, Cecil/Carlos from Welcome to Night Vale, and HG/Myka from Warehouse 13. There are others, but these are the ones I'm rooting for without being overly obsessed and invested in them.

4. Fandoms/Pairings you're new to, but enjoying:
Sleepy Hollow and the dynamic between Ichabod and Abbie is too adorable. Also Orphan Black with Cosima/Delphine.

5. You can chose one non-canon pairing you love to become canon (in a good way that the writers don't screw up). Who do you pick?
Aurora/Mulan. I'm not even that invested in OUAT anymore, and yet the fact that there's a possibility of it happening is a very nice thought. I remember when I saw the premiere of the second season and thought that it would be a nice dream if it happened, and we're like halfway there! In my head and in a perfect world where the writers aren't idiots, Aurora would realize how she feels about Mulan, dump Phillip (and the baby storyline), and go find Mulan to profess her love to her and they will live happily ever after together.

6. You're only allowed to read fic from one fandom (any pairing) for the next three weeks. What fandom do you choose?
The Hobbit and Thorin/Bilbo, which is kinda what I've been doing already so, heh.

7. You're allowed to refer to your favorite 'ship only by a 'shipper name. What 'ship is your favorite and what would you name them?
I don't particularly like shipper names that much, but I'm kind of fond of Bagginshield. Or Thilbo. Thilbo Bagginshield. It honestly does sound like a name found in the Tolkienverse, ngl.

8. Two of your fandoms are going to collide in a spectacular crossover. Which fandoms would you like to see crossed?
The Hobbit and Game of Thrones. There have been multiple times where I said that Dany would be able to take up the challenge of dealing with the Smaug problem. Also, how would Middle-earth deal with White Walkers? And back when I was in that fandom, I kind of wanted to crossover Supernatural with Warehouse 13 specifically because of their dealings with paranormal artifacts (the arsenal from Heaven, Bela and her collection she was selling on the black market, the things that apparently John had stored away, etc.) which is precisely what the Warehouse agents deal with all the time (i.e. strange and mysterious supernatural artifacts.) Never mind that the Warehouse itself was located in South Dakota, which is also where Bobby Singer lived. It would have been perfect to cross them over, particularly if Bobby and Artie were kind of grumpy old pals or acquaintances of sorts.

9. You have to choose between reading bad porn about your fandom obsession of the moment, or no fic at all. What do you pick?
Probably no fic at all. Whenever I read something that sounds interesting in the description but it turns out to be badly written porn I immediately turn away from it. I come up with better scenarios for such prompts in my head, tyvm.

10. You're asked to pick a theme song for one character/'ship. What song do you pick, and for whom?
I have a variety of songs in my head for many characters/pairings, because I simply can't not have fanmixes for my fandoms. Currently, I have "It's The Fear" by Within Temptation for Thorin because of his fear regarding the sickness that dwells inside of him that may consume him just like it did his grandfather.

11. It's 2 in the morning and you should be sleeping. What kind of fic do you read instead?
Porn or fluff. I accidentally read an angstfic that included a major character death (that the author did not warn for!) and I was literally sobbing. That's not something that should be done for someone who is about to fall asleep. So I tend to only read fics that are guaranteed to have massive amounts of porn or fluff before going to bed.

12. The 'ship that makes you go "Awww."
ALL THE FLUFFY THORIN/BILBO. angst? what angst? I see no angst... Also Sierra/Victor from Dollhouse, and Derek/Casey from Life With Derek

13. The 'ship that makes you want to yell, "Just have sex already, you morons!"
My obvious answer is Thorin/Bilbo because, duh you two stubborn oblivious idiots, but also Bo/Tamsin because they had so much sexual tension and chemistry it was insane. Though in the current season I'm holding that off until Tamsin gets her memories back, because she's technically a child at the moment.

14. The 'ship you're probably going to hell for 'shipping.
Cesare/Lucrezia from The Borgias, Alex/Justin from Wizards of Waverly Place, Spencer/Jason from Pretty Little, literally all the incestuous ships that I have.

15. The character you alternatively love to death and want to beat some sense into.
Thorin Oakenshield. I love him to itty bitty bits, but he's kind of a stubborn asshole, plus add in the gold sickness that consumes him which makes him an irrational stubborn asshole. Yeah, I'd like to smack that sickness out of him so common sense and rationality returns.

16. The character you're almost embarrassed to admit you like is.
I don't think I have one?

17. Your very first fandom/'ship.
My first fandom was probably Animorphs.

18. The fandom you could read any kind of fic in.
I don't think I have any, tbh. I'm rather picky about the kinds of fics I read, and I only read for specific fandoms.

19. The fandom you would totally write an anonymous Mary Sue fic in.

20. The show you would bring back from cancellation.
ALL OF MY PRECIOUS SHOWS. But seriously, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles because it needs a third season to wrap everything up. That finale was good, but it was left open-ended with so many unanswered questions. Plus, I want John/Cameron to become an actual canon thing. Carnivale because they ended the show on a cliffhanger and THAT WAS NOT COOL. Wonderfalls because it was a genius little quirky show that I can see going into a lot of weird amazing places. Point Pleasant because I want to know what the future holds for Christina. Legend of the Seeker because I miss my happy fluffy show. Also Dark Angel simply because I think S2 was kind of a disaster and I felt that they needed something a bit more to explain the many things they introduced and to wrap up the story better. And of course Caprica because it was shortly lived, under-appreciated, and it was going places that would have explored a lot regarding the characters and the twelve worlds and the Cylons and everything and it was criminal to even cancel it at all. Just, SO MANY SHOWS THAT WERE UNJUSTLY CANNED AND IT MAKES ME SAD. :(

21. Incorporating every fandom, what are your top five pairings?
01. Thorin/Bilbo
02. Spencer/Toby
03. Bo/Tamsin
04. John/Cameron
05. Six/Gaius (also adding Sharon/Helo into this as well)
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