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Lost Girl: "Of All The Gin Joints" Episode Review

Lost Girl 4.06 "Of All The Gin Joints"

This episode intrigued me, in more ways than one, concerning the main plot for the season.

First being Bo and her purpose now that she's suddenly been committed to the Dark. From what we can gather from the scattered memories she had recovered in this episode, she willingly agreed to join the Dark, but there may have been reason for her to do so. Knowing Bo, realizing that she would lose her memories of what happened afterwards, she no doubt planted clues for her future self to find and to piece together that puzzle. Also, it appears that she's marked by the Wanderer; she's become someone's property, which seems to be a theme in this season. Property, from claiming people to claiming a side. This seems to be the very core of the archaic Fae laws and politics, having to choose sides and staking claims. It's something Bo never wanted to partake in, and she was sorta free from it all, until now. Which she has to figure out how and why, and what can be done about it.

Which brings me to Lauren and her decision of working with the Dark.

In the previous episode Lauren says that the Dark saved her, something that the Light never did and apparently has been treated better than the Light ever showed her in all her years of dedicating and devoting her work to them. She feels freer than she has ever felt in a long time, as she tells Bo, and clearly we can see that she seems more at ease. Her bonding time with Evony was interesting to see, which I found myself actually liking, especially considering that I was always kind of indifferent towards the Morrigan. It's mostly because now we're seeing a completely different side to her, and that's kind of what I mentioned before that I wanted to see more of. Granted it could be all a fake, because it seems like something she would do, but for some reason I don't think that she would be that extensive for playing Lauren. Never mind that Lauren seems to be doing something pretty cunning behind the Morrigan's back (capturing her DNA? perhaps?), and it makes me wonder if it's for her own purpose or it's for something/someone else, and what Lauren plans to accomplish while inside the Dark (which would be perfect for understanding their inner workings and seeing their secrets and everything else, actually.)

Regardless, this dynamic is fascinating to me and I want more of it.

ALso, Kenzi/Hale. ♥ ♥ ♥ That is all. :)

So far, I'm really liking where this season is going. There is a theme happening and they're definitely setting something up and it makes me very curious as to what it is.
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