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Lost Girl: "La Fae Époque" Episode Review

Lost Girl 4.07 "La Fae Époque"

Such a treat of an episode. I love it when this show provides an opportunity for their actors to show off the range of their acting abilities and talents. It was so much fun seeing them portray different characters (as projected through Bo's mind while going into Dyson's memories.)

The Una Mens are quite an interesting facet of the Fae world, and a nice little commentary on how things shouldn't be seen in black and white. They are there to restore order and punish those who broke Fae law, no matter if it was recent or from centuries ago. Of course, the charges that they had on Dyson weren't true and in fact were the cause of one of their own, which they may have known all along, but since Dyson was the fall guy they decided to punish him nonetheless. So it really begs to question their intention and who they work for, since they're not entirely innocent and not always playing by their own rules of a fair trial either, especially since they were so gung-ho on retrieving those damned shoes no matter what the cost. And apparently, it seems to all be connected. The shoes, The Wanderer, and something Trick knows and is hiding from Bo, from all of them. There's a lot of setup here, even from the previous season, of this secrecy and I hope that they deliver.

I'm also really intrigued by what Dyson means by training Kenzi into becoming a Shadow Thief. She's right, it does sound like an XBox game. I'm just glad that they're going to be including Kenzi more exclusively now in their Fae circle.

And I liked that by the end of the episode the entire gang is back together, and talking about what is happening and planning on what to do next. The only person who is missing from this dream team equation is Tamsin since I consider her as part of the group as well, but that's just my opinion.

Oh, and I liked seeing more of Dyson's history, and how he met Trick, how he and Trick teamed up and created an alliance together (I remember that in S1 Trick mentioned that he didn't always take orders from the Ash, which indicated he took orders from the Blood King which we didn't know at the time was actually Trick.) Plus, I really like how casual this season has been with the Bo/Lauren and Bo/Dyson relationships, and this episode kind of took it to a whole new level with having Bo inside of Dyson (being Dyson in his memories) and having a lady love of his be the image of Lauren. It brought that threesome kinda-sorta into reality, in a sense. Of course my ideal would be a threesome of Bo/Tamsin/Dyson or even a foursome of Bo/Dyson/Tamsin/Lauren, but the fact that this show has no qualms now of Bo's love for both Dyson and Lauren (and vice versa with both their love for Bo), it makes me hope that a poly relationship will eventually happen.

Also! I love that they brought back the character of Cassie, the oracle that appeared in the episode "Dead Lucky" from wayyy back in S1. It's really great to see characters from previous seasons ago return.

Overall, this was a fun episode, and it had major plotty things brewing so it makes me excited to where they are going with this Wanderer business.
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