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End of year and winter premieres.

++ Looks like Desolation of Smaug is doing rather well in the box office, as expected of course. I honestly can't wait to see these films win all the awards, which won't happen until after the third movie comes out, just like with ROTK. I've only seen DOS twice now, and I plan on watching it at least five times in the theaters. So it'll be in IMAX 3D, and twice more in regular 2D. Can't stop, won't stop.

++ You can also vote for Desolation of Smaug for Favorite End of Year Movie for the People's Choice Awards. I have a feeling that Catching Fire might win, though. But it doesn't hurt to try regardless. You can vote as many times you want too, so.

++ So, apparently there's going to be a Lifetime movie of Flowers in the Attic, which can either be really great or really horrible depending on how it's done. Though judging from the looks of it, not only are they going to be including the incest storyline but they're also setting it in the correct era. I'm in the minority in that, despite the changes, I actually liked the 80s adaption simply because it had the right kind of haunting gothic atmosphere, which is how I envision most of V.C. Andrews stories (the earlier works, anyway, it's just the way she wrote them.) We'll just have to see how this newer adaptation does.

++ Pretty Little Liars returns on January 7th (spoilers included in preview). I'm so excited to see what will be down for the second half of the season.
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