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2013: A Brief Summary

** 2013 started out rather badly when I got sick and had health issues that lasted for nearly half the year. Had to go to multiple doctors (which is not cheap, btw) just trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me. It took several months, but eventually I got better. But because of the reaction I got, I am incredibly hyper-aware of my current health situation and taking better care of myself, hoping that I don't experience another episode like that again.

** During this time though, I found something to distract myself from being miserable, which has turned into a new love and obsession: The Hobbit films. After watching the first film in theaters earlier this year it rekindled my interest in Middle-earth, and I spent all year waiting and anticipating the second film (which was everything I had ever wanted and more!), and I will be anxiously waiting for the third film next year. ♥

** I also discovered a new found crush love and appreciation for Richard Armitage. ♥ ♥ ♥

** ♥ These three adorable idiots and their friendship. ♥

** Beyoncé. No explanation needed.

** I went to jury duty all by myself. Usually whenever I went in the past I had someone else take me because I cannot navigate downtown for the life of me, but this year I actually did it by myself. I did an adult thing! \O/

2013 Overall: I had one huge challenge to overcome in the beginning of the year, which after that everything else was rather uneventful, but nevertheless enjoyable.

My hopes for 2014: Employment, keeping my health up, and that my fandoms remain awesome and hopes for more new fandoms along the way. :)
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