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What did you say? We think your friend is in our friend's grave?

Pretty Little Liars 4.14 "Who's In The Box?"

After the big reveal during the Halloween episode that Alison is still alive, the girls are trying to come to terms on what that means, and even questioning whether her return is entirely a good thing.

Emily in particular seems incredibly put-off by Alison still being alive. Which after everything they've gone through, is understandable, though it's even more understandable given the history that she has with her. She was heartbroken when they thought Alison was dead, but even more heartbroken that Alison had broken her heart. Now that she's alive, with everything that's been happening, Emily thinks that this is yet another one of her games. That perhaps Alison has been "A" all along, and while all the girls are thinking of all the possibilities of why suddenly she's made her reappearance now, Emily seems to be set on thinking the absolute worst. Which is to be expected, given Alison's track record. Just because she is back, doesn't mean everything is going to be okay. It's going to make things more complicated and confusing, and it's going to really test all of them.

I'm glad they're addressing who the mysterious body they found underneath the gazebo of the DiLaurentis house, since it clearly isn't Alison, and perhaps we might found out later who it actually might be. Plus, I really liked the connection of the other missing girl and the night of Alison's disappearance, even though the dates don't entirely match for there to have been a switch. It's interesting that the same thing that has happened to the girls happened to these group of girls (minus the anonymous stalking part, although if that had happened to them they wouldn't reveal it to strangers, would they?) It could be a mere coincidence, but the description of their friend, who was the ringleader of their group and someone who wasn't exactly the best person to be around, how it has affected all of the girls in not a good way, and of the events that happened before their friend disappeared is eerily similar. But I figure it's mostly setting up for what will be revealed about Spencer the night of Alison's disappearance. I'm interested in how they're gonna deal with that.

I'm loving how they're handling showing us the menacing side of Ezra, and it's always subtle but in just the right amount of unsettling. The looks, the way he speaks the others, etc. Now that we know something is up, that he has some part in this and is keeping some secrets of his own and is up to No Good, every movement from him is going to highlight that very thing. And it's gonna be awesome when Aria and the rest of them found out the truth.

Speaking of which, I have a sneaking suspicion that the black hoodie who broke into Ezra's secret place at the very end of the episode might be Mona, since she made it clear that she is quite suspicious of Ezra. Although given that their little conversation, I think Ezra quite intimidated Mona (which is something interesting in itself), so it's entirely possible that she wouldn't go that far after poking the bear cage. But, then again, we don't really know what Mona would do, so I also think that she would try to figure things out on her own. Whatever the case may be, she is onto him and he knows that she is onto him, and we'll just have to wait and see how that plays out.

I'm sad about Hanna and Caleb, I really am. They are a cute couple and I don't want them breaking up (I also don't like that people are going to be hating Ravenswood now because of this.) Though I understand his reasoning for not telling her anything that has happened when he's in Ravenswood, but still, she does deserve to know something other than "it's complicated", even though it is very, very complicated and hard to explain. Still, at least they didn't part ways angry, just unresolved with answers and heartbroken. :(

Things I liked about the episode:

** Hanna basically channeling her inner Spencer (and surprising Spencer and the rest of the girls in the process) by coming up with some pretty awesome theories and plans and overall being very resourceful. :)

** Alison's diary, I am very intrigued by what was written in it, which we'll be finding out in the next episode for sure. I know based on the books what is written in her diaries and why, though the show may not be going in that direction so it makes me curious as how they're going to explain that away on what Alison wrote about the girls (which judging from Hanna's expression, it's not good, not good at all.)

** Spencer and Toby teaming up together in hopes to get Toby's mother's death cleared as not a suicide, that was a great smackdown against the healthcare company. Though I am curious as to why Spencer's father suddenly appears very interested in closing down Radley. You'll notice that once it was being talked about he got a little nervous before snagging the bait. Something else might be going on there, and I think it might have something to do with Mrs. DiLaurentis, who I also want more of please.

** As mentioned, the Mona and Ezra confrontation was such a pleasant thing to witness. I like bringing something new to the table re: a character we'd previously known. And here, it's with Ezra, and how utterly terrifying he seems here by calmly getting underneath Mona's skin.

Things I didn't like:

** Hanna and Caleb breaking up. :( Again, I understand why, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

** I'm not entirely keen on Aria kinda-sorta seeing Ezra in secret again, especially since she's still seeing Jake, though with him tip-toeing around her and keeping a closer eye on things it most definitely will not be boring to watch.

Overall: Not a bad mid-season winter premiere. I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season will play out, how things will change, how character relationships might shift now that Alison is back and what other secrets might emerge from this. Based on the tiny tidbits that they've said that will be explored in 4B, I am intrigued, nervous, and excited.

Ravenswood 1.06 "Revival"

Caleb returns from his brief visit to Rosewood and everything picks up where we last left off from what they have discovered so far in regards to the mysterious pact made which sets off the curse of the town, and how they can break it. Remy, due to her nightmares and her sleepwalking, believes that she is the key to finding out exactly what happened on the night of when the pact was made.

The pact, as it turns out, was made by a small group of men (surprise, surprise) and led by a preacher who appears to have initiated the meeting for the pact to happen and be sealed. Apparently, this preacher is not all that he appears to be, as there is something much more sinister about him, and from the looks of things it seems that he was working with someone who probably completed the deal, and it might be someone in the Collins family. So, Miranda's uncle might be following in the footsteps of the "family business" in dealing with this curse by staying true to keeping the pact alive. Or perhaps there is something else going on. There is a lot of secrets going on about that town and he seems to be the one person who is aware of things things happening, particularly concerning the strands of hair keeping spirits in one place. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing we'll soon find out. Also Mrs. Grumwald, who appears to have her own secrets, like having a spirit or something within the walls of the Collins' house that she is personally connected to?

So here's what we know so far: the original Caleb and Miranda were present when the pact was made, they overheard and witnessed things that happened, and because of that they got caught in the crossfire in being victims of the curse themselves possibly due to that pact. And somehow, some way, their doppelganger ancestors in present day managed to be caught in the middle of everything too, but this time they might actually get a chance to stop it themselves.

How Olivia's sketchy boyfriend and the creepy devil little girl is involved yet is still a mystery at this point.

And now I wanna talk about Caleb and Miranda and what this show is going to do with them.

I want to like the connection they have and how vital they seem to be in everything, that they may be the key in unlocking and breaking this curse once and for all, but it's difficult knowing that Caleb broke up with Hanna because of that. It's harder realizing that fans of Pretty Little Liars will be hating on Ravenswood now because a beloved couple has been broken apart due to Caleb having to keep this secret, not to mention not telling the whole truth and even there being a smidgen of a what-if regarding his and Miranda's personal connection via their ancestors and their romantic ties. I mean, I like the flashbacks to the original Caleb and Miranda, they were cute. But present day Caleb and Miranda aren't those people. I don't blame Miranda for having feelings for Caleb, she obviously thought she had a lot of time before her death and now she can't help but have those feelings, especially since they have been sharing this strange journey together and she is stuck in one place.

But for in love with Hanna. We know this. He loves and cares for her and doesn't want to hurt her, and it's understandable that he doesn't want her involved in any of this -- because he's right, even if he told her only a little bit she would go rushing off to Ravenswood in a blink of an eye, because that is precisely the reckless thing Hanna would do for someone who loved who was in trouble. So the only thing he thought about doing was breaking up with her to keep her safe. He was even visibly shaken when he had to keep everything from her, because he obviously doesn't want to, but has to, because it's all very complicated. He fucking cried when he was driving away from her, he was utterly distraught by having to leave her. Like, there's no denying how deep his love for Hanna is, so I'm not going to be able to buy the "Miranda and Caleb are soulmates because their ancestors were" sort of thing, especially this soon. It's like, why can't they just be friends and accept that their ancestors had a thing, but they are not their ancestors, but will be in this fight together regardless? That I would believe, and like, much better, and I will applaud the show if they actually do take that route instead.

Just my thoughts on it. I'm still enjoying the show, obviously, but it makes me nervous about where things may lead to since I still love Hanna/Caleb, but I want Caleb to have his own storyline without reaching those kind of cliched things that other shows tend to do, y'know?

Things I liked about the episode:

** Always with the creepy, and I like it.

** I really like the flashbacks; the time period and the clothing and everything.

** I did, however, enjoy the fact that Miranda was upset that Caleb didn't tell Hanna that she was dead and therefore leading her to believe that Miranda stole him from her, even though that is not true. Just because she's dead doesn't mean someone should think ill of them simply because someone else wasn't telling the truth.

** Miranda getting stronger with controlling things as a ghost now is pretty good, and I like that she is bonding with Olivia and that they seem to be teaming up in a way. :)

** The entire mystery involving the pact intrigues me more and more, now that we see that there's something more evil connected to it.

Things I didn't like:

** Already stated above. I'm hoping the show will be smart about this and not try to overload it with this "lost lovers/soulmates" thing with Caleb and Miranda.

Overall: Can't wait to see how the rest of this story unfolds, and how these kids can break this curse and what the hell is up with the Mr. Uncle Collins (like for real though, he is uber creepy and mega secretive and I wanna know what his deal is before the season ends.)

It's good to have my shows back. :)
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