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Pretty Little Liars 4.15 "Love ShAck, Baby"

After Hanna reveals Alison's diary, they each take turns reading it trying to decipher what her entries meant. All during this time, Ezra, noticing that one of them is carrying the diary with them, wants to take it back and takes drastic, but calculated, measures to do so.

I think that's what I liked about this episode the most, was that it solidified Ezra's role in all of this. There is nothing suggesting, at least from what I can tell, that this is mimicking what they did with Toby. There is nothing indicating that he's doing all of this to protect Aria, or even to protect anyone, except possible himself. Unless he is working for someone and is for whatever reason doing their dirty work for them, he is acting entirely on his own. Aside from the fact that he was listening to a recording of Alison whilst he was in a school classroom, he also entered into the Marin house and went through Hanna's stuff, that he hacked into and through her computer to locate where they were, he followed them, trapped them so he could get that damn diary back, all of that is beyond creepy. I don't think we got anything like that from Toby when he was suspected of "A", did we? So regardless whether he is "A" or has his own separate agenda, this is taking things above and beyond so there's no question in that he is up to no good.

The fact that the diary was a code the girls had the decipher in order to find her, which ultimately ended up back the hands of the one who wants to find her first, is very scary indeed. They had inadvertently led their enemy straight to where she could possibly be hiding out.

But this leads to the question about, if Alison is still in hiding, why is she remaining in contact with specifically one of them? How can she wander about Rosewood, sneaking in through windows, with nobody recognizing or seeing her?

Things I liked about the episode:

** Spencer being a sasspants is always the best. I'm always intrigued by her relationship with her family, in which case everyone seems to be operating on a different agenda and not revealing the whole truth of something. Her relationship with her dad has always been very tense. But it's also interesting to witness since they both get each other and not get each other at the same time. Spencer knows that there is something going on between her dad and Mrs. DiLaurentis, whether it had something to do with the affair long ago or something else entirely, she doesn't want it to continue on, especially since he specifically forbade her from contacting that family even though he himself is doing just that. Her temporarily living with Toby because of all of this seems to be the best thing for her.

** Oh, and I also liked how she figured certain things out. Like the torn page, realizing that Hanna was deliberately trying to keep one of them from reading the diary, her situation with her dad, etc.

** Toby/Spencer. ♥ ♥ ♥

** The concept with the diary was rather cool, in my opinion. I like that Alison had her own thing of creating stories and changing names and such, but keeping the details the same so they could all tell whether or not it was about them. It was a nice way of writing down what was happening while being discreet and hopefully nobody who snooped could decode it unless they knew who it was specifically about.

** Also note the page Spencer took a photo of said something along the lines of "hot teacher"; either it was something in relation to Aria's dad and his affair with Meredith, or there was something else underneath that which may be relevant later.

** Alison visiting Emily during the night. I'm liking the emotionally heavy side of Alison, as compared to the flashback bitchy side of her. It makes me very curious as to what has happened, whether she's being truthful, and who she is running from, even if she doesn't know yet. I'm also very curious as to why she's reaching out to only Emily instead of the rest of the girls at this point.

** Ezra sneaking around, spying on the girls and being a massive creep; it really underlines how unsettling he can be just from the way he operates.

Things I didn't like:

** While I understand Hanna having to deal with the whole Caleb situation, because it would be heartless and not like her to not react after the fact, it's still heartbreaking watching her pretend everything is okay when it's not. Also, her saying that he found someone else when that is not true makes it even worse because it's not true. Never mind that Miranda can't even defend herself, because she's, y'know, dead and a ghost and stuck in one place. I REALLY want to get this resolved soon because I don't like this whole arrangement. :/

** Along the same lines, I don't want Hanna to get involved with someone else (which it seems to be implying) Let her be for a while. No rebounds, pls.

Overall: A very good episode, and I like that we're getting a little more tense regarding the Alison situation and revealing a little bit more about Ezra's involvement, which I like very much. It makes us wonder, though, about who else might be involved; what happened with Jenna and Shanna and Melissa? Are there others out there? There's more to the whole story than just Ezra stalking the girls, and possibly stalking Alison, and I'm hoping we get more answers on that soon, even though I am enjoying seeing this whole mystery of Alison's return unfold.

Ravenswood 1.07 "Home Is Where The Heart Is - Seriously Check The Floorboards

The day following their little adventure in uncovering what happened the night the pact was made, Remy sleepwalks again only this time leaving messages and drawings warning her to back off and that they weren't meant to see what they saw. Caleb gets a surprise visit from his dad, Miranda tries to communicate with the ghost that Mrs. Grumwald has, while Olivia and Luke try to deal with the accusations of their mother being framed for their father's murder once again. Also, we get some more little details on what is happening in that town and how the people aren't as oblivious as we thought.

The latter especially is interesting to me, because there seems to be people wanting to keep the pact alive and well and for anyone who tries to get in the way of that, of breaking the cycle and warning those who have been marked, will get punished. We still don't know the whole story, but from snippets of conversation we can gather that there's something else going on underneath it all. There are those in the know, and those who will do anything to keep the secret of that town sealed without any kind of interference. The fact that we have Olivia's best friend and boyfriend who are those people keeping tabs on things is quite an interesting twist. Also, it seems that there is a chain reaction that goes even deeper; that guy who was tailing Olivia and wanting to warn her and make her listen, he was mentioning that it was because of her father that all this started happening, or whatever happened, and it makes me wonder if this is how certain kids end up getting marked by this curse in the first place, and whether whatever happened was an anomaly and that is why the four of them are still alive right now? Whatever it is, it's fascinating and makes me want to know more.

I understand why Caleb is trying to purposefully distance himself from those he cares about; it's because he cares about them and doesn't want them to get caught up in all this mess. But the further he distances himself from these people who he loves and cares for in his life the more he will become lonely, and hate himself for it, and damage them in the process because he cannot tell the truth. I mean, he literally cannot tell the truth but at the same time, not telling them is slowly killing him inside.

Which is why I want to believe that, even though things suck right now, that Hanna and Caleb will get back together in the future. Somehow. I hope. *crosses fingers*

I'm also figuring that the dream clinic is not going to help Remy, but rather intensify her dreams and nightmares and sleepwalking. Because even if it worked in the past, this shit is not going away and it probably won't allow her to let it go away.

Things I liked about the episode:

** That we get a little bit more about what is happening in that town, and how its citizens know a lot more than what they're telling. I find it fascinating that there's more behind the curtain of this curse, and I want to know more about how these people are involved and why and what this means.

** This also extends to the spirits trapped there, as well. Like, the spirit lingering around Grumwald is actually her own mother who died when she was a teenager, and she obviously knows more than she's letting on, even when Miranda confronted her about it. They all seem to want Miranda to leave them alone, but it's never quite explained on why and whether or not they want the curse to be broken. Or if they do, they're afraid of what will happen if they leave that house (i.e. the malevolent spirit who had once tricked Miranda before after her jar had been broken before it was resealed.)

** Remy's dreams/sleepwalking. I just like how whenever it happens we don't know what is gonna come out of it. Either she's gonna go somewhere or draw something or say something, and it's all connected to what is happening to them.

Overall: A good episode, and I'm glad they're not focusing on the possible "romance yet it's not really" angle like in the previous episode. I mean, I wish they would kindly drop it altogether for reasons I've already stated. I prefer episodes like this where it's about the mystery and the curse and the scary shit that's happening.
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