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Such is the nature of evil.

After seeing Desolation of Smaug for the fifth time recently, I've noted a few important scenes that I must talk about because I literally cannot get them out of my mind and the more I think about them, the more I am completely and utterly fall in love with this movie even more than I already am.

** Bilbo and Thorin, the parallels of their characters. Aside from how pleased I am that they have confided in each other, the trust and bond growing stronger in this film, that they're standing side-by-side throughout most of the film to even the switch in contrasting with the color scheme of their clothes, etc. But what pleases me even more (along with breaking my fucking heart) are the connections to their respective stories. It becomes so much more apparent in this film than the previous when it comes to these parallels. Bilbo is beginning to feel affects and temptation of the Ring just as Thorin is with the Arkenstone; both are aware, more or less, of the pull these objects have and both are terrified of what they may become because of it. I mean, look at their comparative scenes with them dealing with that. Bilbo in Mirkwood, being completely horrified of his own violent actions. Thorin after confronting Bilbo about the Arkenstone, only previously having expressed his own fears (and his utter denial) of becoming his grandfather. The difference is where they are currently in their situations. The Ring has only just begun its affect on Bilbo, which will be drawn out for years and years, "stretching him thin" as he says, whereas for Thorin this was something that has been lying dormant until he had ventured off towards the mountain, drawing nearer to his own fear of succumbing to the madness. Just, everything about this particular parallel is so beautifully tragic and it breaks my heart and I just love the way the films, this one in particular, decided to show it in this way. God, the third film is gonna destroy me. My poor bbs. :(

** Bilbo and the Ring. Going off that, another thing I love is seeing how the Ring is beginning its affects on Bilbo. In the book there isn't anything special about it other than it's deemed "magical" since it can turn him invisible. In this, however, I liked that they added the beginnings of how heavy-weighted it has already become for Bilbo to even carry it around. You could tell that Bilbo is both fascinated and unsettled by it. He wants to tell Gandalf the truth about it, you can visibly see him struggle with wanting to reveal what he found, but he inevitably cannot and does not. He doesn't tell anyone that he has it. It's only Smaug who is able to sense that he has something unique and "precious" (another callback I liked, btw.) It's just these touches of seeing those connections of that yes, this is the One Ring, it is still quite dangerous and powerful even though it's not yet time for it to be returned to its Master, and we're seeing the start of its hold onto this one particular Hobbit.

** Uncle Thorin, Fili and Kili. Particularly the scene in Laketown. I've seen some people say that Thorin was being unnecessarily mean or harsh by having Kili stay behind and even more with wanting Fili to remain with the Company, and quite honestly that's not how I saw that scene at all. You have to see it from his perspective. Kili is injured, quite badly, but he refuses to acknowledge that and tries to convince others (and possibly even himself) that he's alright because he wants to complete this quest, to see their homeland reclaimed, as it's been said it's what he and Fili were told growing up. And there's no doubt that Thorin wants that as well, but he knows better. From the moment he knew he was hurt his concern level was heightened. There was something mentioned about the possibility of Thorin questioning his decision of bringing his nephews along on the quest, and this scene right here kind of demonstrates that a bit. There's also the difference in the way he interacts with both his nephews; with Kili he's more tender and protective, whereas with Fili he's a bit more firm, because he is the oldest and the heir to the throne behind his uncle. Thorin tries to balance the responsibilities of being both a concerned parental figure and leader of the Company, and he doesn't want to separate the brothers and wants them both to see the mountain together, but he cannot compromise the quest when they are so close not just to the mountain but to their deadline. So these are the hard decisions he has to make. Plus, he was right, Kili would have slowed them down. Plus what happened in the armory may have been accidental, but it's not a risk Thorin is willing to take whilst going to the mountain and possibly facing a live dragon, never mind all the fuss it would be because of the nature of the wound itself which they didn't know at the time. It was a difficult decision that he didn't take lightly, but he weighed his options and this was the best thing, even if not everyone agreed with it.

Also, I don't think Thorin was disappointed when Fili decided to stay with his brother. Perhaps a little bit, but not overly so. Even when he tried to convince Fili to remain with the Company, I actually think he was relieved because even though they didn't like the arrangement made at that moment, he would rather have both of them safe in Laketown than be worried about them as they ventured onto the unknown possible dangers that await them at the mountain. Keep in mind that Thorin himself was unable to save his own younger brother during battle, so this adds a bit more ease to his mind that both of the stayed together (until later events, of course, with the dragon coming at them in the end and all, which makes me hope we get worried!Thorin at the start of the third film.)

SO MANY DURIN FAMILY FEELINGS OKAY. This scene was heartbreaking but I feel was vital to understanding the dynamics of this family and their relationships with each other, something we don't really see that much in these films so I'm glad we had moments like these to highlight it.

Fair warning, since I cannot write a full coherent review (having already attempted multiple times and failed because I ended up getting too long-winded with the endless flailing), there will probably be more of these kinds of posts scattered about in the near future. I will simply resort to having random posts compiling certain scenes and moments I loved and/or want to discuss and examine further as an alternate to a review. Like, little mini-reviews. With extra fangirling, of course, because I just love this movie so frakking much. ♥
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