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Lost Girl: "Waves" Episode Review

Lost Girl 4.10 "Waves"

Well, we got a little more explanation, but not by a whole lot.

Like, how did Bo get from questioning and demanding answers from Rayner to suddenly making out with him on the train? It was like some switch turned on and suddenly there's a deeper connection that we didn't really see. I'm trying to understand, but it's kind of confusing, mostly because I'm not entirely sure where this is leading to. Rayner appears to have been bad news so much that he had to be sent away without his memory and with no way of escaping his punishment, not until the right person comes along. And apparently, this is what Trick inadvertently did; he created this after using his blood all those ages ago, and now it's come back to bite him on the ass. But we don't know much about Rayner. What did he do? What does Bo know about him, and does she even know to trust him? What happens if she learns that Rayner is not all what he appears to be?

Let's also talk about Bo basically abandoning her friends over him. That is so unlike her. She would never do something like that unless there was an absolute reason for it, and even then she would at least have someone who would listen to her. But she hasn't even contacted anyone. She basically shut them out.

I keep thinking either she a.) knows something and is keeping it hidden from them or b.) was brainwashed.

Either way, I'm not entirely sure what is happening here. Mostly because we've spent all this time thinking that the Wanderer is her father and we get something like this. I want to believe there's something else at work; that maybe whoever may want that seed in which the Una Mens, after their demise (by her hands, thanks to Rayner), retreated to, has been in waiting until Rayner had escaped in order for this to happen and has been using Bo in order to do so. Idk. Again, it's still very confusing and we still don't know the whole story, especially about Rayner and Trick and what happened between them in their past and what caused this whole thing to begin with.

Even though the Una Mens are no more, I have this sinking feeling that the threat of someone Bo loves will end up in grave danger. While I don't want anyone to die, I have a suspicion it might be Trick, as his last resort in saving his granddaughter and making amends for what he did.

And as always, our trio dream team working together makes me very happy (the only person who was missing was Tamsin.) Kenzi being excited over mermaids will never not be the best thing ever, plus I really liked how they got the lore of mermaids to work in the episode. Complete with them turning into foam when they die. Cool, indeed.

Overall, I liked the episode well enough but it needed more answers. We have like, what, two more episodes to go? Something needs to happen to explain more thoroughly what all this is about, and why Bo is going with Rayner so willingly because right now I'm not convinced. And I want something to really kind of show us that after everything, that evil that Tamsin saw in her previous life, all that happened last season, Trick being afraid, I want all of that to pay off in the end. I want there to be some meaning to all of this.
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