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Pretty Little Liars 4.16 "Close Encounters"

Emily gets contacted by Shanna about Alison, who wants to meet her in private. Spencer gets revved up regarding what her father is doing in regards to the Radley situation and what this could mean for the details of Toby's mother's death. Hanna continues to deal with her anger and grief with her recent break-up with Caleb, and Aria makes a decision between Ezra and Jake.

Emily vs. Spencer

It makes sense that Spencer would come to that conclusion about Alison, considering everything they've been learning and uncovering, they didn't really know their friend at all. For all they know Alison could've been playing them all this time, and this is just another one of her games. It wouldn't be unlike her to do something like that.

On the other hand, I agree with Emily. This Alison that they're seeing now is not the same Alison they knew back then, the one who was cruel and callous and who could be a nasty manipulator. She is different. She is scared, she is vulnerable, she doesn't know who to trust.

Now, why she has some distrust of the other girls is quite interesting. It's curious considering before she had reached out to them individually, through what they believed were dreams or hallucinations at the time. Perhaps it's a simple matter of what is currently happening that she doesn't know who is able to help her. She can't go to Aria, since if Ezra is indeed the one after her it would lead him directly to her. With Spencer, they always butted heads and she would definitely had been skeptical. Hanna is going through her own shit right now so it wouldn't do good to bother her, even if it meant getting some answers. I feel like Alison trusted Emily enough because even though Emily does harbor anger towards her about what happened in the past (and her initial thoughts of the possibility of Ali being the one behind everything from the start), Emily still has love lingering for her in a way. I also feel, deep down, that Alison definitely loved Emily and that's why she wanted to talk with her first above anyone else.

So seeing that heartbroken betrayed look on her face when not only did she find out they weren't alone but that Emily told someone about this secret meeting, you can imagine how she must feel. How Emily must feel realizing that this might have been her only chance at reaching out to her long lost friend, and that she might not get this chance again.

I understand Spencer's concerns, but I also understand Emily's determination. We, as the audience, know that Alison is scared of someone and she is alone and needs to talk to someone (who isn't Shanna, apparently.) But I also know that if there's distrust will only lead to more danger. They need to not be separated by conflicting feelings.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ It's interesting how we've been revealed that Shanna has been Alison's childhood friend this whole time, and that her relationship with Jenna was to "keep tabs" on her, to see whether she was the one who was threatening and stalking Alison. Perhaps it's the same with Melissa, or unless Melissa is in on that action too, or had her own reasons for protecting Spencer (as she claimed). I want to know more, specifically since we know there's a connection with everyone.

++ From the outburst outside the grill to the knives being hidden in Jake's punching bag, there's no question that Ezra is scary and I'm glad that they're keeping it that way.

++ Spencer being overly determined about things. I know it will drive her to the ground at some point, and it might make matters worse with her relationships with certain people (i.e. the situation with her father, who obviously is not telling the whole truth, and her confrontation with Emily); there is the confirmation that we'll be getting to know a specific secret that Spencer has been hiding herself from her friends, something that could alter her relationships with everyone, so it makes me anxious and nervous as to what it could possibly be and whether she may get to another breaking point again because of it.

Things I didn't like:

++ I'm still not fond of the Hanna situation, mainly because I think the whole break-up storyline between her and Caleb just because he's not there (and on another show) is pretty stupid and only done to create ~drama.

Overall: This was more character arc heavy, which I liked granted, but I wish we had more "A" related things going on. The beginning had a nice way of showing that, but I want some more high stakes and messages and whatnot. Although that is to be expected, I think, because Alison is alive and the "A" messages are going to be more Alison related than before.

Ravenswood 1.08 "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"

Remy goes to the clinic for sleep disorders and gets checked out and evaluated due to her nightmares, which we learn come from one of her childhood nightmares she had, the very first one that may be connected to everything. Caleb and Miranda go investigating about the history of the town, while Olivia tries to get answers on what Springer was talking about before he got hit.

Remy vs. the Boogeyman

As learned from her stay at the sleep clinic, these kids are not chosen by random. Remy had nightmares as a kid about the mysterious preacher who initiated the pact, wielding the three-pointed knife that murdered Olivia and Luke's father, and who was stalking her now. He gives her a warning that while they broke the cycle, it doesn't mean they are safe, far from it in fact. He was the one keeping her in her dreamworld in attempts to kill her, and says that "accidents" will occur for the rest of them to ensure the curse remains intact.

What's interesting about this is that this being doesn't know how Remy has been figuring things out in her dreams or sleepwalking. She wasn't supposed to have seen how the pact was made. So, something else is guiding her, having her dream and sleepwalk to help them all figure out how to break the curse.

Another spirit, perhaps? Possibly. Should be interesting to see where this all leads in terms of how they get more answers.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Remy going to a sleep clinic to figure out the pattern and disturbance of her nightmares/sleepwalking problem reminded me so much of A Nightmare on Elm Street; the very concept that something could kill and stalk you in your dreams is terrifying in itself on many levels. At least on this show, Remy has a reason for her nightmares and why they're suddenly making a reappearance since she was a kid.

++ Caleb confronting Mr. Collins with the jar containing Miranda's strand of hair, and even more when Miranda got so angry she broke something in his office. Though it makes me really want him to acknowledge everything that has been happening, or at least with Miranda being a spirit.

++ Having Miranda now free to roam beyond the cemetery is great, though the creepy experiences she gets in order to frighten her are definitely not. But at least she got to be able to help and get in on some of the action, esp with her saving Remy from being stuck in that nightmare.

++ "Must've read some Narnia books as a kid" "Yeah, sorry about that." idky, but that made me laugh.

++ Caleb going to high school there? Guess it makes sense. He's not leaving anytime soon and he's got to finish his education, though I would have thought he would just take the GED and be done with it.

++ Olivia finding out about her boyfriend being the one to instruct Springer to plant the knife was definitely an "oh shit" moment. Can't wait to see how all that goes down in the next episode (because srsly, where has he been anyway? he hasn't even answered her calls, which should be suspicious enough.)

Overall: I don't know how many episodes the first season will have, so I'm hoping we get more answers than questions. I also want certain characters to acknowledge what has been happening in that town, since most its citizens are aware of the curse and have been hiding it.
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