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House M.D.: "Humpty Dumpty" Episode Review

Humpty-Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall
All the king's horses, and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.

Opening Sequence: Why, Miss Lisa Cuddy, I do declare!

It's a rarity to see the personal lives of the main characters on this show, and whenever there is something it's only a snippet of their lives. This, unfortunately, happens to be one of those episodes. It happens to be about Lisa Cuddy, the main boss of the hospital. This episode doesn't necessarily revolve around her personal life per se, but around the handyboy that had worked around her house that he, inadvertantly, fell off the roof of. Hence, the Humpty-Dumpty reference in the episode title.

The most memorable moment in the beginning scene is Cuddy is jogging....and jogging, and jogging, and jogging....(lather, rinse, repeat), and the look of her home. Seriously, I want a home like that. Unfortunately, I cannot keep anything that clean for more than two weeks or so. But the loveliness of Cuddy being all non!working stops when she rushes to handyboy to the hospital when he does, indeed, fall off her roof -- with two dark purplish-blue fingers. I would then start referring to this handyboy as Blue-Hand Boy.

The Cases, The Problems, The Guilt

Blue-Hand Boy is obviously infected with something. Cuddy feels responsible and has a guilt-trip, House and Cuddy in their all-love snarkfest, Stacy intervenes, Cameron is surprisingly not annoying in this episode, and Foreman is dealing with some racism black/white medicine. Oh joy!

Cuddy's personal feeling of guilt is being compared to Cameron's connection with patients, although I have a different approach to this. Cuddy and Cameron are opposite of House by means of caring and feeling compassion for patients. However, Cuddy's reaction in this episode doesn't come close to Cameron's irrational need to have an emotional attachment to all patients she encounters. The handyboy had worked for Cuddy for approximately six years as she had stated in one particular scene, so apparently she has to have some kind of liking and emotional compassion to this kid. Cameron, on the other hand, tries to comfort and hide all the bad things by connecting with a patient on a personal level, which makes it difficult for her to tell them up-front their diagnosis. Cuddy is determined and snarky, but compassionate. Stacy didn't help much by telling her to not be involved in this boy's case, however. And that scene with the little brother was heartbreaking because Cuddy does want to help, but she's devastated because really, there's nothing she can do to make everything better.

So, as the Blue-Handed Boy gets his hand chopped off because of it rotting away from bacterial infection she's feeling helpless. Hence the reciting of the verses of Humpty-Dumpty, that the king's horses and king's men couldn't put him back together again -- he's alive, he just isn't workable for more handywork. Such an appropriate title for this episode, eh?

As for Foreman....the white/black medication situation seemed more like a filler case in the beginning, but somewhat hilarious. Though House does a great job in manipulating with the, "I gave him the White Medicine -- which really was the original one you gave him." Hee! Otherwise, medicine is just medicine; it doesn't racially profile someone. House definitely is man of cold snarking, which is why I love this show.

House-isms: Dr. Snarky McSnark VS. Bosom!McSnark

House/Cuddy snarkisms all BOOMING in this episode like rapid wildfire. The snark, the bantering, the emotions, the coming to terms of realization that one isn't better than the other (aside from being good at diagnosing others). Kiss me, I love it!

House and lollipops! Hee!

House breaking into Cuddy's home with Foreman and Chase was, yet again, another hilarious and priceless scene. I liked that Cameron accompanied Cuddy while investigating the Blue-Hand Boy's home, but....House breaking into Cuddy's privacy was funnier! "Red thongs? I'm guessing red thongs." The hidden key underneath the gigantic plant-vase (though isn't very clever or secretive, because anyone could break into her home without her knowing, but perhaps that's just me with the privacy issue) -- and recieving $40.00 between Foreman and Chase! Hee. Sneaky House, I love ya!

Oh, and House leaped onto Cuddy's bed! "So this is where it all happens." He so totally wanted to roll himself all in Lisa Cuddy scent, you cannot deny his lustful look. You cannot deny!
Cuddy: You are being intentionally dense?
House: [sarcastically] HUH?!
Hee! House/Cuddy are love. Someone has to tell Wilson that House has a new snarktastic foreplay toy to play with -- perhaps Wilson can spend time with his loving wife, which he never does because he's always with House snogging while the cameras pan away from the ending of the episode, of course.

I LOVED House's speech to Cuddy in the very end. It was heartwarming to hear something so sentimental from him -- then he, of course, goes back to Snarky!House that we all love and adore. God, I love this man. He's simply gorgeous, intelligent, and a brilliant asshole that is straight-up and straightforward with tons of snark. Love that snark. Cuddy seems to think his snark is worth it too, considering she challenges him in almost every single episode. Hee! House/Cuddy are love, seriously.

*ahem* OTP aside....

Cuddy in a see-through nightie! :D

Overall: This was another episode I enjoyed thoroughly, simply because I was laughing my freaking ass off with House's blunt statements and hilarious reactions and comments -- which I swear, I'm getting my mother addicted to the show. A semi Cuddy-related episode can never go wrong, even if Cuddy is being less of her normal tough-determined woman-in-charge role like in previous episodes. Still, love this woman. Love House. Love House and Cuddy snarkfests. Uncertain of Stacy's role in the series quite yet, but I love her comebacks with Wilson and with House. Still working on Cameron's character which I PRAY will not end up with more manipulating with House just to get her job back for respect and banging with her boss that, incidentally, isn't a people-person, and still loving Chase and Wilson and liking the fact that Foreman is no longer the asshole he used to be.

Loved this episode. ♥

God, I love this show. The snarkiness never fails to make me laugh 'till my sides hurt. But I have to wait until fucking BASEBALL ends before the next episode comes. Grrr.

But, new Veronica Mars on tonight! Wheee!!
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