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Lost Girl: "End of a Line" Episode Review

Lost Girl 4.11 "End of a Line"

I am at loss for words on what just happened.

Like, I'm not even sure my brain has fully processed it yet.

I'm also in denial, because this is Hale we're talking about. He has been part of the show since the very beginning. He's been an important part of Team Awesome for basically four seasons and suddenly it's like, he gets killed. Part of me wants to believe that this isn't going to stick, that somehow he gets saved and is resurrected, but that last scene with Kenzi begging, pleading and basically demanding that Bo use all her chi to save him and the crying and just, ugh, unless there is a miracle happening in the finale, I think this is a final done deal. And it sucks. It really really fucking sucks.

(Although I feel like there was something else happening with him, his ears bleeding happened twice this season, so maybe that might be explained later, idk.)

And poor Kenzi, this is the second love she has lost. Why can't she ever catch a break?

I mean she still has Bo and their strong friendship and being platonic life partners and all ("You had me at a-hole" "I choose you, I will always choose you!"), but she had just realized her feelings for Hale this season and to take all that away from her? Never mind how much she is blaming herself and will continue to blame herself for his death, I just can't okay. ;___;

Aside from that, I'm kind of frustrated at Bo right now because of her exclamation about Rayner and how she feels like she's in a real relationship because she contributed something to it. I don't know, it feels kind of a weak explanation on why she's with him, you know? I know we don't really know how Bo feels and how Bo thinks she knows Rayner, but that's the problem with how the show set it all up. Like that flashback episode didn't give us anything on why she suddenly trusted him or how she suddenly fell in love with him. We don't know anything about Rayner, or whether he's being truthful, and Bo being highly defensive of him and basically claims that she wasn't kidnapped and everything is okay when everything clearly is not okay. Like, it's conflicting because I know she doesn't owe anyone anything but at the same time, you can't expect people to trust someone you just met and who nobody knows anything about, and where we don't even know how you trust him either.

Also, Rayner not being the one Tamsin had worked for? And what is Vex up to? Could he possibly be working for the same person that approached Tamsin? And Rayner, where the fuck was he?

I don't think we'll be getting enough answers in the finale, tbh.

And right now all I can think about is Hale and that last scene that broke everything inside of me.
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