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Pretty Little Liars 4.17 "Bite Your Tongue"

Still angry at what happened with Alison, Emily keeps her distance from Spencer and is trying to deal with her own fears. Aria tries to understand what is happening with her brother, who apparently is going out with Mona, along with her own personal anger. Hanna and Spencer go on their separate missions on trying to uncover the identity of "A".

Ezra Fitz is Board Shorts

Spencer confirmed this by her super sleuthing ways.

I can only guess that the next episode will deal with what Spencer has discovered, either by her telling the others (sans Aria) or by doing further investigating by herself to gather more concrete evidence. Regardless, now that one of them finally has an inkling that Ezra isn't all who he says he is, it's gonna be one hell of a time to hide from his watchful eyes or to get anything past him, let alone trying to keep all this from Aria. Though I suspect she might find this all out all on her own, or keep being in denial until she herself uncovers the truth about him, and it's not gonna be pretty.

What I like about this is that it makes revealing his intentions rather difficult. Like, we understood the suspicions for the other people who were under he microscope before due to their motivations and history with Alison and the girls. But there was literally no reason for the girls to suspect that Ezra Fitz of anything in connection to their friend's disappearance or being involved in the anonymous threats and attacks made against them. Aside from having a secret relationship with a student, there was nothing incriminating with him. Until now. So even with Spencer having discovered the truth, it would be hard to convince anyone else unless there was hardcore evidence to support her findings. It's what makes Ezra being the main prep incredibly dangerous. He's already established himself with these girls, with Aria, with that entire town. If someone were to find him out, not only would he know about it (being several steps ahead in this game) but he would have a safety net. And we've already seen Aria being highly defensive against him, so he wouldn't have anything to worry about on that front.

Plus now we're getting the implication that he's not working alone, with that text/phone call he was making and all. Never mind what is going on with Mona.

Whatever is happening, it will make for an interesting next several episodes.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Strung out Spencer, especially the details. The bags underneath her eyes, the eye twitching, looking like her skin is on a bit too tight, etc. It's these little things are nuanced, but important to take in.

++ The running theme of the girls dealing with their own different issues, whether from stress, from anger, from fear, each one of them dealt with something that was eating them up inside, causing some of them to lash out. Considering all that they've had to deal with, and still dealing with, with little to no progress of getting any closer to the truth or resolve, it's understandable.

++ Spencer discovering the truth of the identity of "board shorts" was so great.

++ Hanna being consumed by crime books, specifically James Patterson books, was also the best part of the episode. The fact that she and Spencer kind of worked together on their own separate things was awesome, too. I really like that Hanna has become more involved and coming up with plans on her own.

++ Of course, the whole thing at the dentist freaked me out. I'm not someone who gets easily scared at the idea of going to the dentist, but the very notion of what happened to Hanna of having something lodged into her teeth just to get a message across? Not only is that going to the extreme, but it's just creepy. *shudders*

++ One of the things I have always appreciate about this show is that, despite the arguments they have with each other, it ends up getting resolved one way or another rather quickly. Spencer and Emily have kind of butted heads in the past over little things, this recent one being kind of a big deal re: Alison, but at the end of the day they realize there are more important things to worry about. The girls are allowed to let off some steam, to have frustrations even with each other, but bottom line when shit gets real they tend to stick together and not let these things tear them apart. Sure, they'll have to talk about it sooner or later, but Spencer and Emily let all of that go for the moment for bigger concerns. It's one of the things I love about this show, friendships done right because hey, best friends have fights, there are moments when you don't wanna see them, but somehow you always forgive them and come back together and that's what's represented on this show nicely. And I love that. ♥

++ I'm curious as to know what is going on with Mona. Is she working with Ezra now? Or is she taking this opportunity to get close to her "enemy" by making him believe she is, but she's just keeping a watchful eye on things? Hence why she's getting closer to Mike? This makes me wish she had more screentime because I wanna know more about what she's doing and why and what is going on in that brain of hers.

Overall: Playing on everyone's stress levels, it'll be interesting seeing the reactions of what they find out about Ezra. I think I'm looking forward to that more than anything else, especially with Aria and how she'll handle it. Spencer taking pills will no doubt be troublesome, and I wonder how it will impair not just her judgment but her relationships with the rest of the girls. This episode she had the blessing of figuring shit out while strung up on the stuff, but at what cost?

Ravenswood 1.09 "Along Came A Spider"

Apparently there's more to the pact than we know, including the fact that those who are "marked" can make deals so they are "protected", in a manner of speaking, from the curse -- but in doing so they have to give something up, something important and precious to them as an exchange. Dillon made this deal with the devil so that instead of him dying in that car it would be Olivia. We can assume that others have made similar exchanges if they, too, were or wanted to be protected, either currently or in the past. This could explain the signed members of the pact, there's only two recognizable names, the rest probably had bargained their way out of being marked.

There's still the mystery surrounding Mr. Collins, though. It's curious what the "family business" entails and why he's so secretive about everything.

What's interesting was seeing him interact with Olivia and Luke's mom. He really does care about her, and seems to be the only one besides her own kids that does in that town. Obviously they have a history together, so it makes me wonder precisely why he's being this kind and generous with her. Did he do something to save her from being marked? Did something else happen that he seems to be protective of her in that sense? Or is there another reason? Either way, I found it interesting to see a less creepier side to him.

Overall: Seeing as how there's only one more episode (as I last checked there were only ten episodes scheduled), I'm not sure how the season is gonna wrap up since there's still so many unanswered questions. I also hope it gets a second season because I want to know more.
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