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Well, well.

++ I'm really hoping that Maleficent is as good as the trailer makes it appear (particularly with that hauntingly beautiful Lana Del Rey rendition of "Once Upon A Dream"), because I'm of the opinion that Maleficent is one of the best Disney villains to ever exist and if there's to be a movie centering around her I want them to do everything justice. Also, Angelina Jolie looks amazing and sounds just like the character, so even if the movie doesn't measure up it will be worth it to see her performance.

++ I've been thinking about getting into Reign, not for historical accuracy mind you. I've been mildly curious for a while, but it's mostly due to one of the characters being an inspiration for a headcanon I have in another fandom. I'll probably get sucked in anyway for the ridiculous drama that will inevitably occur, but mainly just for the pretty and the headcanon research.

++ And thanks to my sister, I got sucked into watching Pushing Daisies for the first time. Yes, I'm late to the game. Yes, it's ridiculously adorable and sweet to the point where I think I've acquired both diabetes and cavities. I've also watched The Fall, which it, too, is quite adorable, along with being a bit sad. It's funny, going from seeing Lee Pace as the ethereal and otherworldly Elvenking to the shy and adorable pie maker. I still call him "Thrandy" every time I see him in something now, though, because I simply can't not, y'know? Heh.
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