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VMars: "Normal is the Watchword" Premiere Review

Good Lord, that season premiere was just....there are no particular words for this episode. Glad that I am Veronica Mars is back, there definitely are some things that call for confusion, anticipation, and most of all suspicions for what is or what are the things that are to occur throughout this season. But first, I shall review from what I've seen earlier this evening.

Whose Behind The Door: Mystery Revealed

Apparently all the speculations of Logan being at Veronica's front door were all predicted correctly, seeing that from the flashback since that night Aaron Echolls was arrested that Logan had stumbled into her apartment -- bruised and beaten up. Although I wanted to think Logan would be there, in my mind I would've thought Logan would've been too screwed up over everything that had gone down within those previous days -- I suspected Wallace to rush to his best friend's aid in comforting. Though I did suspect Leo would come, which he did. But he wasn't at the door at that particular time where we left off in the finale. So, I was semi-correct in that sense.

Veronica was, and I think still is, psychologically wounded by everything that had gone down since then. Throughout this episode I noticed similarities of the Old!Veronica from the Golden Days with Alive!Lilly coming back, even though Veronica has experienced and witnessed more since that time.

Back In The Game: I Spy, Friendships Gone Awry

Subject: Meg Manning
Social Status: 09er
Friendship Status To Veronica: Rivals

After everything that Meg endured after the whole Purity Test fiasco and for her brave stance for not believing all the horrible rumors about Veronica when they befriended each other during last seaon you'd think she'd have a little more compassion and understanding of all Veronica had to go through. Meg would've heard about the Lilly Kane murder mystery being officially solved and Veronica nearly almost getting burned alive. It seems that Meg's kind and compassionate pure heart that was last seen last season was flushed down the toilet. Why? Because jealousy and the feel of betrayal after Duncan and dumped her once realizing that Veronica was no longer suspected to be his half-sister. Meg immediately jumped onto the Scapegoat Wagon and blamed Veronica as if she had intentionally damaged their relationship. Disheartening for Veronica to lose the only 09er that was decent towards her, pathetic excuse for Meg to use her teenage jealousy card on the one person that could've saved her life in the end.

And her devastating death where the schoolbus mysteriously crashed and ran off the cliff was a very bitter and saddening way for her character to go. Seriously, Rob Thomas, don't you know anything about closing of conflicts? Meg was a bitch in this episode with absolutely no motive to be whatsoever. Yes, Duncan is still dating Veronica after all this time -- and Meg should've known their relatoionship wouldn't last, because she knew he and Veronica were old high school sweethearts before the entire Lilly Kane murder thing set loose in Neptune. She knew that if she was dating Duncan it would be uncomfortable for Veronica....and yet here Meg was, blaming Veronica because she didn't get things her way.

Boo-fucking-hoo, Meg. Devastated that her character had to end this way with unresolved tension between her and Veronica, I actually feel that perhaps Meg is still probably alive (maybe just barely, though). I don't know, perhaps I wanted Meg to reform and realize that Veronica's life, as well as Duncan's and Logan's for that matter, are all fucked up in unimaginable ways.

On a lighter and happier note....yay, Wallace is still the one and only BFF for Veronica! Yay, Keith Mars is back! I'm actually trying to find out if Mac will appear anytime soon in this season, and if her opinion has changed about Veronica like Meg's had. But I doubt that much, since Mac is generally a cool person all-around and wouldn't make such a judgment upon her.

The Dating Game: Logan/Veronica/Duncan

Misleadings, yet again. Because I didn't read spoilers I wasn't aware of how the relationship deal with Veronica was going to play out (hence speculating beforehand to release the anticipation for this premiere). In the beginning it showed that Veronica and Logan were openly having a relationship. No hiding it from everyone in school, no sneaking around in their secretive ways. It was just like a normal relationship between normal teenagers. Sweet, cute, and adorable. Then only to find out that -- Bada-BING! -- Veronica had long ago broken up with Logan sometime during the summer, and she is now dating Duncan. Again. For the second time after all the drama with their families and such.

Gee, I'm wondering how Mommie Sneerest is taking this decision? Not lightly, I guarantee that.

Logan shacking up with Charisma's character, the Cordelia-like trophy stepmother of Dick and Beaver. Though it should be slightly unnerving that Logan would subject himself to this kind of ordeal, I liked the intimate foreplay speech about finding "Dick and Beaver" which, in itself, are all kinds of innuedos.

Dude. Veronica/Weevil. Friendship, relationship, you take your pick. However, despite their little verbal attack in the parking lot (with the Spiritual Guiding of Lilly making sure of this), Weevil does sincerely care for Veronica and looks out for her. That last scene when he offers her a ride was so sweet and adorable, I knew that Weevil couldn't turn a cold shoulder from her. Veronica/Weevil. Hee!

Overall: It was generally an alright premiere episode, not exactly like the kicking-ass-and-taking-names Veronica we knew from the pilot episode where she didn't necessarily care about what the folks around Neptune thought of her. But still, I quite liked it. Laughed and was surprised by some unraveling revealed secrets that all us Mars fans have been dying to know since the finale.

Still wish they continued on with the siblingcest storyline, though. Maybe that'll make a reappearance later this season? Mommie Sneeriest must not be happy with Duncan and Veronica hooking up again -- and knowing how she runs things, she might try to manipulate either one of them, again.
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