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The blood of the dragon does not weep.

++ First, welcome sometimesartist, tellshannon815, place_to_hide, ginevra17, and muneca_brava from this friending meme. Hope your time here won't be too disappointing. ;)

++ We finally get some stills from Game of Thrones S4. Nothing plot related is revealed, it's mostly just character shots, so there's no spoilers. We get the first introduction of the Martells, and seeing Oberyn and Ellaria standing side-by-side looking fierce makes me so excited in seeing them on the screen. The casting is just perfect, especially Indira Varma; that casting was a dream come true for many people, so I can't wait. And the new Daario is definitely an upgrade from the previous, I'm interested to see how he does in the role.

However this production behind the scenes video most definitely has spoilers. I will only say this: there are scenes that I'm excited for, a certain scene that I think we see here that I am absolutely not emotionally prepared for in any way, shape or form, and that new dress Dany is sporting, just, dayum gurl.

I've mentioned my concerns on how Dany's storyline might be handled, and as we draw closer to the fourth season my worries have returned tenfold.

The show isn't the books, we know this, but it still disappoints me how they've minimized quite a bit of the importance of her arc. Now we're getting into her time in Meereen, which is where everything gets rather complicated and falls apart for her, and I'm not quite sure if the show is able to handle all of that in a respectable and coherent manner. I mean, this is where she makes mistakes and questionable decisions, where she struggles internally and questions herself, where her ability of ruling is challenged greatly by those around her, and where she suffers the consequences of her actions. This is important for her character growth and development, and I fear the show is going to overlook much of that in favor of the "badass dragon queen" reputation that has befallen on the show version of the character. I mean, I get it, she's a fan favorite and all, but there's just so much more to her character than just that, you know? She's complex, just like every other character in this series, and should be treated as such.

I just keep thinking, had they kept in the actual House of the Undying scene with the prophecies and visions (among many other things they managed to fuck up), it wouldn't necessarily have been a problem coming into this season since she invests herself in these prophecies and warnings she got from there. It's something she constantly ponders esp in her time in Meereen when she starts questioning herself and the path she has chosen and whether she is doing the right thing. But even with the show not having that present, they could have still done something similar to add more depth to her arc instead of oversimplifying and downplaying many things, you know?

I don't know, this is my dilemma. I watch and like the show, obviously, and I've accepted that they deviate from the source for various reasons (time, budget, etc.) It's just, I want them to do it right, but given their track record on certain decisions they've made I'm nervous on what will happen. Same goes for everything else, actually.

Looks like my inner dragon has been awakened, lol.
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