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10 February 2014 @ 06:27 am
Lost Girl: "It Begins" Episode Review  
Lost Girl 4.12 "It Begins"

I feel like this episode and the finale are just gonna be filled with many things as possible to introduce how big the Big Bad is going to be, even if it doesn't necessarily deliver on that front.

There's just so much happening, and all in favor of prophecies and destinies being fulfilled. It's still very confusing because up until now it hasn't been consistent and I think the problem is due to most of the season dealing with memory loss and until recently having only dealing with Rayner (which we don't know much of anyway and even with history returning in the books and painting him as a horrible person which may or may not be true we still don't know anything about him or whether he can be trusted, or why Bo trusts him). It's just been a cluster of things and it's not really been that cohesive this season.

Moreover, is the situation between Kenzi and Bo is what I want to talk about.

Kenzi is riddled with grief. She just lost someone she loved, had to attend his funeral, wanting to get revenge on the bastard who did it but shit goes wrong when she attempts twice for doing so, and on top of that having to deal with all the other bullshit of destiny and whatnot. Which she unfortunately learns that Hale's death had to play a part of. At this point she feels completely and utterly done with everything surrounding the Fae. Bo has been trying to comfort her, but there's already so much on her plate that she cannot guarantee anything for her friend, so ultimately Kenzi feels betrayed by her. For not saving Hale when she asked her to, for not giving her the time to grieve, for letting Massamo go. But I also feel like Kenzi blames herself most of all, because had she'd not given away the Twig of Zamora none of this would have happened. She feels angry with herself, angry with the situation that has happened.

When she demanded that Bo unclaim her, it was her saying she has had it with everything. She wants out. Everything that is going on she wants none of it.

I figure it will only be momentarily, because regardless she does care and Bo and the rest of the gang are her friends and family, but at this moment in time she feels like everything around her as crumbled. Also, because the Bo and Kenzi friendship is the absolute center of the show and they will not break even when there is a rough patch.

But also, there's the frustration with Bo and her own situation. This season has been kind of all over the place with her storyline that, even if we did get a glimpse of it last season and it's finally coming to a head here, it doesn't seem very cohesive the way they've handled it. Most of the season was her wondering why the hell she mysteriously joined the Dark and why she couldn't remember what happened when she disappeared. Now in these last string of episodes she seems to believe Rayner and believes she loves him and that he's the Warrior and now suddenly she's The Queen, The One, and she had to marry him in order to save his life and confront her father who, surprise sur-freaking-prise, happens to be bad news and that she has made a huge mistake. And her fight with Lauren was sort of unnecessary, I think. It's like she has butted heads with everyone from Dyson to Lauren and now Kenzi over this one dude who she has not known for very long and doesn't know much about, and it's really kind of, ugh. Idk.

Everything is just very disjointed. I'm not quite sure how the finale is gonna be handled and how much is gonna get done, but I'm betting there will be a cliffhanger.
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Say what?: Tinie 005sometimesartist on February 10th, 2014 10:32 pm (UTC)
You know what? This whole season I don't have any clue what the fuck is actually going on. I don't think it's just because I used this show more as background noise then before. I'm just so upset that they killed Hale. I thought he was one of the most fun characters that has been tragically underused.
Renée: Lost Girl. Kenzi.rogueslayer452 on February 10th, 2014 11:12 pm (UTC)
This season has been really disjointed and not cohesive at all and is has just felt rather off, it's like something has changed in the writing or whatever because I never felt that way about the show before.

What happened to Hale came directly out of left field, that I'm still kind of pissed off about it. You're right, he was massively underused as a character, and the fact that he and Kenzi had just got together this season (after a long build up over the course of the show to whether or not they would actually end up together and finally having it become a reality) and we didn't even spend that much time with them being a couple, and suddenly that happens. I just can't.
giallarhorn: Jack mehgiallarhorn on February 13th, 2014 11:32 pm (UTC)
I feel like the last two eps is the writers trying to cram everything that they hadn't addressed/introduced in the season into a resolution and hoping that...I don't know. That it pans out somehow? Introducing a new villain in the second to last ep isn't exactly how you do things, writers. Particularly when you still haven't properly addressed the plot for last season other than 'ha you thought you figured out the plot wrong! Bo's dad is a horse!' and the result is a really messy narrative. Also the whole Lauren can no turn fae into humans and vice versa bit- stuff like that is something that you dedicate an entire season to, not regulating it to the background and to be played for drama.

Yeah, the Bo/Kenzi situation is dire. Which is something that I completely understand and I'm glad that had her leaving, because her life has become something of hell and there's all this stuff going around her that doesn't concern her. But on the other hand, it doesn't feel very characteristic of Bo to actually pay attention to prophecies or destinies over the wellbeing of someone as close to her as Kenzi? I'm still more than a little irritated that they've more or less reduced Hale's death to a plot device via prophecy/that they killed him off without giving time to address it.

Mostly it feels like the show is trying to go in a different direction, and it's not really working out too well.
Renée: Lost Girl.rogueslayer452 on February 15th, 2014 07:14 pm (UTC)
Also the whole Lauren can no turn fae into humans and vice versa bit- stuff like that is something that you dedicate an entire season to, not regulating it to the background and to be played for drama.

Yeah, I felt that was really underused and sort of lacking in some sort of payoff in the end. They introduced her joining forces the Dark and getting chummy with the Morrigan, and yet did nothing with it until this episode where it was shortly lived and now Lauren is back to being imprisoned. Like, what good was all of that? What was the purpose? I felt that relationship could have been interesting, Lauren's involvement with being amongst the Dark could have been interesting, but instead it was just wasted.

it doesn't feel very characteristic of Bo to actually pay attention to prophecies or destinies over the wellbeing of someone as close to her as Kenzi?

Agreed. Even though she was trying to reach out to her during her time of grieving, all the prophecy stuff just drowned it all out and Kenzi, already having felt like a weak human previously because she couldn't do much, felt like her best friend wasn't being there for her. Especially since all this destiny crap came completely out of left field and suddenly it's been consuming everything that is Bo, and Bo is believing everything about it and it's kind OOC for you, y'know?

Mostly it feels like the show is trying to go in a different direction, and it's not really working out too well.

Same. They've been trying to fit some things they began to introduce some while ago, but it's just been all over the place and crammed into a small amount of time that it's become kind of a mess.

Also, there are things that were hardly ever addressed other than throwaway moments in the season. Like, what happened to Bo's mom? What about these Hel shoes (which I'm assuming is important to this horse thing that is supposedly Bo's father)? What was all that about Kenzi being a Shadow Thief? What was up with Hale and him bleeding from the ears before? Lauren and her backstory about her and her brother? Is Bo ever going to unalign herself from the Dark or is she permanently Dark Fae, despite her never wanting to ever be aligned with either side? Also things that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, like Massamo being the Morrigan's "son" (or whatever, he's human but he considered her his "mom") and Vex being the guardian of him? Again, fitting too much information into this season but never really getting around to explaining it.
giallarhorn: Jack mehgiallarhorn on February 16th, 2014 09:31 pm (UTC)
Yeah, there's a lot of stuff from that month that Bo was on the train that wasn't ever used to the real extent that it should've. For all intents and purposes, Lauren's joining of the Dark was basically the same as when she was with the Light, only this time we have a ten second reveal that a plot point from last season now also applies to this season? The entire conflict from S3 could've been carried over by Lauren (ie. turning humans into fae, fae into humans, fae preying on humans, Lauren being human) and explored further, because it is a pretty big issue that they touch on occasionally? But it's never properly realized, even if we had two avenues this season (Kenzi trying to be fae/adapt to the fae world, Lauren changing the Morrigan).

Yeah, I'm still horribly suspicious that she's under someone's influence? After she touched the butterfly on the train, she seemed to be all on board with this destiny and prophecy thing, but before she didn't seem to give two cents about it. But even if she did buy into it, it's horribly unlike her to go Because Destiny Say So in the face of Kenzi basically losing almost everything.

I had assumed till the last ep that Aife was hiding out somewhere and that she was the one who stole the seed, but it turns out that's Massimo instead. So I think we're supposed to assume that she's dead? If that's the case, then shouldn't we have gotten some more addressing it beyond three lines between Dyson and Trick? But I don't know what's up with the shoes, beyond having some magical thing to explain why Dyson needed to be locked up and have them have further conflict with the Una Mens (did they even find the other one?), though I'm not sure how a horse...wears shoes? Also regarding Lauren, I feel like her backstory reveal was just to explain what was left over from S3 (noticing a trend of how there's a lot left over from S3) except if you do the math of all the things she's supposed to have done, it isn't possible for her to have manged it?

Honestly, the show loves throwing in a ton of tidbits, then filling in eps that could be used to explain the bits with more or less filler eps, then cramming it all in/forgetting about things.