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Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing

New Game of Thrones preview/behind the scenes look into the fourth season, complete with new footage and talking about what we're to expect. Caution for spoilers, of course.

I loved the entire thing, but what I love most is this:
"The cities that Dany has previously liberated are beginning to revolt because, it's all well and good going in and cutting the tie and seemingly breaking people free, but if you don't leave them with any kind of a structure or any kind of a commander who shares the same moral and views as the person who liberated them, then it's a free for all."
What's great about this is that it addresses the concerns I recently had, and from what Emilia has stated throughout this sneak peek has greatly reassured me that, even with some missing components from the books, they will be keeping her questioning things and suffering the consequences from her past (and future) actions. We'll have to see how the season goes to further reflect on her statements, but overall it's still nice to hear her say this out loud rather than wait in anticipation on whether they will remain faithful to her inner conflict when dealing with the complications that are happening around her. I also really loved the comparison of the dragons and Dany, that as they start losing control is a metaphor of Dany starting to lose control of her situation, because it's true.

And just, Emilia understands and gets the character and her arc so well it makes my heart explode. ♥


Drogon is now finally hitting his teenage dragon years, lol. I loved that they've shown just how big he's gotten since we last saw him. My wish is that they show all her dragons instead of just Drogon. I understand there's a budget thing esp if they're going to be bigger to have all three of them featured on the screen, but they need to show Viserion and Rhaegal too.

Everything else for this season looks so amazing (Purple Wedding is gonna be huge! Brienne and Jaime sharing more scenes! with the armor! and the sword! Sansa! Arya! Jon Snow and Sam! the Martells being fucking fierce and sexy! Tyrion's trial! Jaime and Tyrion bonding scenes! Cersei wearing fucking black! Meereen looks fucking huge and glorious! the cinematography shots! the costumes! so many things happening!!!!), and because this is the second half of the third book everything will be more action-packed and feeling more like a climax to everything that happened. Bloodshed and vengeance and politics and character conflicts, just what this series is about and I can't wait.

In short: S4 looks like it's gonna be awesome, the actors are adorable and sweet and awesome, Emilia understanding Dany's character is beyond awesome, and everything is looking shiny and good and I need the new season now, kthx. :)
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