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Lost Girl: "Dark Horse" Season Finale Review

Lost Girl 4.13 "Dark Horse"

Honestly? I can't even right now.

Emotional and heartbreaking and just overall sad is what I felt with this finale, that ending was like punching me in the gut and leaving me on the floor all alone.

My ultimate fear was that it would be Tamsin to sacrifice herself for the greater good, and especially for Bo and her new found family and friends, since she has become my love on this show. I never thought it would ever be Kenzi to make that sacrifice. But looking at it now, it makes perfect sense, particularly because of her being Bo's heart. I never thought having that line being the most heartbreaking of all. Of course Kenzi is her heart, of course she would be the one to close the portal.

Her resolve face, realizing what she must do, that this is her part in everything, and even making her amends with Bo as her goodbye before doing what she needed to do was just heartbreaking. And when she said that perhaps she could even see Hale again? Yeah, shred my heart even more why don'tcha. :(

Moreover, they need to fix this.

Obviously they will. Kenzi and Bo are the solid core of the show, their friendship drives everything and they complete and inspire each other, and even Bo said it herself at the very end that she will do everything in her power to get her best friend back. Kenzi believes this too, because that's how they roll. So it's a matter of how and when, which hopefully won't be for long.

Also, Tamsin breaking down was painful. That was her mom figure, the one who has raised her from being reborn into her last life. Tamsin loved Kenzi as a friend and as family, the loving family she never had before, and she had to watch her sacrifice herself and carry her soul. I just. No. :(

Oh, and we finally get Kenzi's last name. Too bad it was due to her freaking tomb stone. :(((((((

As for everything else, thank god that Massimo is finally dead, and that it was Bo who managed to kill him everything everything. It does look like the Morrigan is going to remain human, at least for a little while, and Lauren is going to remain with the Dark (from what it sounded like, anyway; it just makes me wish there was more with what she was able to do this season). I'm not all that sad about Rayner dying, he was kind of a throwaway character anyway. Disappointed we didn't get to see Bo's father, or even have word on the whereabouts of her mother.

The finale was emotional, the season overall was rather disorganized. I felt like it could have been more than it was, and they just crammed a lot of things in the last few episodes and hoped that it would explain everything, when really they could have just dealt with it earlier without having to wait until the last minute. They had an interesting concept for it, but it fell short in its delivery.

I'm hoping, hoping that the fifth season will be much better.
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