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So, let's talk about Helix.

Eight episodes in already and I'm quite intrigued with what's happening.

Since the pilot, one member of the CDC is dead, another having been infected with the virus (but miraculously recovered as there is more to the story with that) and the other who tagged along has been revealed to not only be a murderer but someone employed by a bigger corporation that wants the virus and the cure, and who possibly has other agendas beyond that as well.

I've been more interested with the storyline involving Julia Walker, especially in regarding her connection with Hataki.

What's interesting is that, beyond knowing that the virus was created to "weed out" the population, as Sutton put it, is that Julia Walker is apparently the key to all of this. She's been told that she's special, but how exactly we don't know just yet. She is the daughter of Hataki, there's a special connection between them, one that we obviously have seen particularly with his emotions towards her. When he discovered she was trapped in Level R because she had acquired the virus he was taken aback, if a bit shaken at that thought. And when he found out that not only was she cured from the virus but she also featured the same symptoms that he (and Sutton) apparently have (re: the silver eyes), he was visibly distraught. He clearly cares about her and didn't want this of her, he wanted her out of danger, and he wants to protect her from anyone who dares the want to harm her. Of course, Julia doesn't know all this yet and I hope that he tells her soon.

Furthermore, we need to know exactly what this virus is and why finding a cure is important, and why this whole thing was started in the first place. We know that Sutton and Hataki had been partners (both on a professional and personal level) and both had a similar goal once, but it appears Hataki has had a change of heart. Is it due to Julia? Possibly. Or that he realizes there's more at stake and he regrets certain decisions and wants to amend for them, even if he does have his own agenda on how to do that. Him killing Sutton was an example of that, never mind that he placed her severed head in a container in the snow, just like with the other doctor's head from a few episodes ago.

I find Hataki's character very complex, and I like that.

We're still understanding what all of this is about, but there's obviously more competitors out there wanting this virus and its cure. Julia now having been the first to have been miraculously cured from it will no doubt place her underneath the microscope if word of her recovery gets out, as they discussed at the end of the recent episode. Hell, Sutton was talking to her like a thing and packaging her up like a piece of cargo; she didn't care if she was alive and a human being, what she wanted was the results of what she could be carrying in her person. There is more going on and I have a feeling in the coming episodes we're going to be finding out exactly what is behind everything, at least in regards to Julia and then going from there.

Similarly, this is the kind of genre that I tend to like and gravitate towards the most, be it in television, movies or books. From mystery and crime thrillers to science fiction thrillers, anything that creates a creepy atmosphere and adds a certain psychological disturbance. In Helix there's a sense of isolation, of a claustrophobic environment, and the feeling of absolute helplessness in a dire situation without knowing all the details of what is happening, and not knowing who you can trust.

Because we're still in the first season that feeling may fade away once we get further into the plot and what's going on, but right now I'm enjoying it for what it is.
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