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Pretty Little Liars: "She's Come Undone" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 4.21 "She's Come Undone"

Aria deals with the aftermath of finding out about Ezra, while Spencer, trying to deal with the drug withdrawal (and failing), finds something out about herself that could change everything about the night Alison went missing. Hanna has some boy confusion, and Emily deals with Paige regarding Alison, which may place everything in jeopardy.

Aria and Spencer Come Undone

While her situation certainly is upsetting, because it must come as a real shock especially from someone you knew and loved for a long time, but I'm glad that Aria is finally looking behind the curtain and seeing the truth. She's become disillusioned from the fantasy and her world she had with him has been shattered; no more rose-tinted glasses, just the cold hard reality. Going so far as to trash his apartment after discovering more evidence of what he was doing, the photographs, the notes, revealing so much more than simple observations. She is angry, and she has the right to be so.

Here's the thing: I knew that there was a high possibility that Ezra wasn't "A", at least the one having designed everything from the start. If anything he was just your massive creeper with other motives, which was obviously proved given he was sneaking around watching the girls and knew who they were prior to ever meeting them.

My rant from last time still applies, though. If they just try to "mend" things between them or give flimsy explanations and have Aria forgive him immediately, I'm going to be forever pissed. Don't make this seem like what he did was forgivable or amendable; he watched underaged girls for research without their knowledge or consent. He intentionally used them, including getting romantically involved with one of them, for that entire reason. How is that not creepy? Even if he isn't directly responsible for all the horrible things that have happened to the girls over the years, how is that not something worth having him pay the consequences for? I mean, not even that, Ezra has things that couldn't possibly have been easily obtained, not even with his array of surveillance equipment and the secrets Aria and Alison probably told him. How did he get Alison's diary? What about the photographs? Those that were taken before he returned to Rosewood and met Aria? The audio tapes of Alison and Mrs. Grumwald?

Point being: Aria has reason to be enraged and upset, to want answers. I just want those answers to make sense (i.e. no backpedaling from the writers), and for Ezra to not get an easy pass. He needs to explain his role, and he needs to take responsibility for his actions and face the proper consequences.

Moving on, Spencer is the second one who has "come undone" in this episode.

Addiction is a strong thing, and even if you want to get yourself clean, going through withdrawals can be so powerful that you literally think you're going to die if you don't have another hit. That is what was happening to Spencer in this episode and it hurts my heart. She promised to get clean by herself, she wanted to, but she ended up taking them anyway which caused her much stress and paranoia over something she found out, and it made her act irrational. She realizes this now too, but it's too late because now she may have no choice but to go to rehab to get clean. Which is a good thing, because she does need to help. But at the same time, it could leave her in a vulnerable state if "A" were to get at her or the rest of the girls.

Now, regarding to what she discovered, obviously this is the other half of the secret that we were told would be revealed this season. The first being her pill addiction which is a repeat offense, the second being that she could have possibly threatened/attacked/seen what happened to Alison the night of her disappearance because she was on the drugs at the time and had a memory lapse.

I do think there is something about that night that Spencer cannot remember that is very important, which is perhaps what Alison has been trying to tell the girls that they know more about what happened than they think they do. Spencer may be the key to unlocking that very thing.

Can't wait to see where they're planning on taking that and how it all unravels.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Aria giving absolutely no fucks whatsoever about what she was doing. She was being reckless, but the thing is she knew she was being reckless. She believes she is absolutely justified in that given that she had been used and lied to by the person she thought she loved, and thought loved her back. She had one goal and it was to confront Ezra, and when she couldn't she continued to investigate to understand and the more she did, the more angry she got, and the more reckless she became. It's like how she acted whenever someone threatened her relationship with Ezra in the past, but in reverse now and it's all directed towards Ezra himself. I prefer determined reckless Aria who is out for murder than anything else, because in my mind, despite her not being completely rational, she has every reason to be this angry and hurt and upset.

++ Another lovely performance from Troian as we're seeing Spencer torn between the addiction and wanting to get clean, and her obsession with needing answers which, combining all of those things together will create a huge mess. I just wanted to hug Spencer and tell her it's gonna be okay.

Things I didn't like:

++ Paige. Everything with Paige just, ugh. Why can't she just leave things alone? Like okay, I understand her need to worry and all of that because of what has happened in the past, but what Emily needed from her was to trust her and when she basically went behind her back and broke that trust? Yeah, that shit is gonna hit the fan pretty damn big. When Emily finds out what she did she will never forgive her. I get that Paige has bad history with Alison and feels that Alison is still a dangerous person (which that is still up in the air atm on how true that is or not), but she doesn't understand the situation. I've also been getting the feeling that Emily and Paige aren't going to last in their relationship for very long, Emily has kind of been pushing Paige away for a while now. This could be the very thing that breaks them apart.

(And don't get me wrong, there could be a smart reason for handing in the information regarding Alison being alive to the cops, she thinks this could get rid of all their problems if Alison is found alive, only this could make matters much much worse.)

++ My fear that they'll retcon everything involving Ezra, or that Aria went away to find Ezra and it will be revealed that the book that he is writing/getting published isn't the one she found and that he truly has stopped writing it and everything will be okay again between them. I'm hoping not, given the whole setup, but I just don't want them to make Ezra innocent or made a victim. Aria shouldn't forgive him, shouldn't have sympathy for him.

++ I'm not entirely into Hanna's storyline right now, mostly because she obviously misses Caleb and is trying to find a rebound in any guy she meets that is nice. The show really fucked up big time with that one.

Overall: Two of our precious Liars were coming undone in this episode for different reasons; Aria with what she found out about Ezra, and Spencer with her addiction and what could possibly be linked the Alison's attack/disappearance. Aria went away for who knows how long, while Spencer may be on the verge of going to rehab, leaving only Hanna and Emily to be the only ones standing. Granted they won't be like this for very long, because they are stronger as a group, but things have to happen so they can get stronger and face the next obstacle together.
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