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Pretty Little Liars: "Cover For Me" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 4.22 "Cover For Me"

Aria goes away to Syracuse as means of distraction, Spencer continues her rehab program from home to get completely clean, Hanna becomes the new suspect in the FBI's investigation concerning the note Paige left in the police car, and Emily confronts Mona regarding Mike and her connection with Ezra. All the girls then get a new revelation on who could be behind "A".

Alison DiLaurentis: What Really Happened?

Despite knowing that she's alive, we're still in the dark for what truly happened to Alison, and who she's been running and hiding from. Which I get the feeling we're on our way of discovering the real truth in the finale.

So far, Spencer believes that she had something to do with that night, and now the girls have the inkling that Mrs. DiLaurentis may have been involved with being "A" for a while, and may be the reason Alison is afraid of returning home.

I do think that Spencer witnessed something that night, and is only remembering fractions of what she saw because she is still suppressing or recalling the events that took place. Perhaps it's similar to when Emily had her nightmare about being the one who hurt Alison, only she got the dreams and memories mixed up. I also believe that because of what Spencer saw, the person who hurt Alison probably saw Spencer there and is setting things up to make her believe that she was responsible for what happened to cover their tracks. Spencer was hopped up on drugs at the time, and had a huge blackout during that time, so it would be easy to manipulate her and the situation to make her believe actually did those things when she didn't. Especially now that she's begun to hallucinate and gone through her own stages of paranoia and questioning herself. But we all know Spencer, she's smart, she (and the rest of the girls) will figure things out eventually.

As far as Mrs. DiLaurentis being "A", well, that's another theory that can be both proven or dismissed depending on how you look at things. We know that Alison and her mother didn't have the greatest of relationships, and Alison was always pushing her buttons more often than not. Let's also not forget that there's something preventing Alison from coming home, and it could have something to do with her family.

That is, of course, if we believe the little pieces of what was revealed and theorized by Ezra (which is only conveniently been given to Aria just now, hmmmm.) Basically, we're just going to have to wait it out as the last few episodes of the season play out.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Aria standing up to Ezra at the end of the episode. She basically flat out told him what she needed to tell him, and gave him no room for excuses or trying to make things better. She wants him to leave for good, and she will accept nothing else. I hope she stays in this mindset and doesn't forgive him or take him back, because what he did and has done and probably continues to do is unforgivable and downright creepy and she doesn't owe him shit.

++ Same with Emily confronting Ezra. She basically stood up and told him precisely what she thought. I want more of these confrontations, and furthermore, I want there to be something properly done about it.

++ The struggle Spencer is going through, both wanting to get herself entirely better so she can go back out into the world but also having to deal with all this "A" stuff, which is harder when she's locked up and basically on babysitter watch. Like, I do understand it's necessary to keep an eye on her so she doesn't risk a tempting relapse again, but no Internet or phone contact? Not even with her friends underneath supervision? I vaguely remember they tried that once before for all the girls and it didn't work, in fact it caused more problems than solving anything. Even if this is a different situation it still probably wasn't a smart move to close off communications entirely, especially when Spencer was given the okay from the rehabilitation center to be monitored when she went about her daily routine.

(Also perhaps it's because we as the audience know that there's more happening behind the scenes that has nothing to do with drugs and that Spencer needs the communication so she doesn't go completely insane, especially with what she's been remembering and dealing with that she really can't tell anyone aside from her friends.)

++ Mona! :D I like that she genuinely has feelings for Mike, and had to break it off because she didn't want him to get hurt because of what Ezra was doing. More understanding of her character, yay! If only she had more screentime....

++ I can't wait for Emily to flip out on Paige, or at least expressing her anger and disappointment in her for doing what she did. You know it's gonna happen.

Things I didn't like:

++ Ezra practically thinking that he and Aria could "work through" what happened. It's pretty laughable, actually. It's every abusive asshole's excuse of "oh baby I won't do that again" or "you'll come around eventually" like it makes what they did seem like some silly mistake that can be overlooked or fixed. Like, what, did he think that by going to his publisher and canceling his book would make things better? Make her trust him again? Are you fucking serious right now? Again, I liked that Aria was not having anything he was saying, but I have a feeling that the show will end up romanticizing what he did and she will end up forgiving him, and I ain't here for that bullshit.

++ I wish the show wouldn't have the girls be with guys every second even after breaking up with their long-time boyfriends, even if it's just a frivolous fling. It's like they can't be single for a second, and it sucks.

++ I have this nasty feeling that Toby broke up with Spencer, or is leaving for a bit until she gets fully clean. :(

Overall: I'm mostly waiting until the finale when the real shit goes down, basically. I have my own theories, and I'm hoping that things will end up making sense than how the producers have mentioned in interviews.
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